The TOP survival game for the PC

Fighting for life is what each of us had in mind from birth to the last day. However, when survival is an in-game format, the stress and level of responsibility become less, as well as the excess of problems that prevent us from enjoying life to the fullest. The best game of survival is learning and training to fight for happiness at the same time.

Today, our main issue is a top survival game for the PC that will help you spend time pleasantly and usefully, and gain self-confidence instead of wasting time on social media.

Survival game ratings

The best game lists are the result of human activity. In turn, a person cannot be dissociated from personal preferences. Depending on your experience, the best Survival PC games can have very different gameplay.

  1. A trip to unknown planets for fans of fantastic adventures in space worlds.
  2. Establishment and construction of a home and a family, birth and cultivation, and education of descendants and heirs.
  3. Surviving a catastrophe, man-made or natural, during the zombie apocalypse.

Some of the best survival games for PCs are based on cartoon or film plots that were popular long ago. Among them, it is ‘Teletubbies’ and ‘The Thing’.

Next, we will describe to you some games about survival from our list.

Don’t Starve

The name of this game speaks to the very essence of this game. You can survive alone or with your friends, but in multiplayer mode. The game is available on PS4, Xbox One and personal computers. The developers released it in 2013 and the game remains very popular.

The exquisite atmosphere of past centuries attracts the modern human being to the question of whether he or she could have survived the terrible conditions in which computers or matches did not exist and people bathed only twice in their lives.

In ancient times, switches and lighting were very different from what they were in today’s world, and then, people raised a fireplace by hand and thus kept their homes warm and bright so that the demons of darkness would not take their lives.

In general, this game will give you an atmosphere of the simple life in an environment that is free of obsessive electronic devices.

The Long Dark

This game will show you a unique life in hostile and deadly wildlife. A creepy howling cold wind in the forest will frighten you, which is full of starving predators. You will try to warm up at the extinguishing fire and quench your permanent hunger with soup that quickly becomes cold. It is a kind of «romance». You in some sense enjoy depressing winter twilight.

The Long Dark


Are you dreaming of travelling alone in the ocean on a yacht? Then this game is perfect for you. However, you will have to build the ship with your own hands. To do that, you’ll need pieces of wood or plastic bottles that float in the ocean in large numbers.

You can bring your friends with you, so you don’t get bored. The problem is that not many crazy people will want to play this project.

Green Hell

Green Hell invites every user to walk with a machete in their hands through the Amazon’s stuffy jungle, where wild monkeys and snakes live in large numbers. They are poisonous to death, and hungry jaguars have sharp claws and long fangs.

The law of the jungle is «Every man for himself. Either you eat the animal or it will eat you».

Nevertheless, a person can build a safe house and a high fence around it, as well as collect food supplies and make tools. This is the strength of man that makes him more perfect than animals.

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