Best Lost Ark hunting locations

The Lost Ark is a revolutionary action-role-playing game that has won multiple awards. One element that makes this game so popular is hunting various animals essential for many different purposes.

By doing so, players can access numerous items needed for survival while advancing in the game. This guide will provide all the necessary information to locate the optimal hunting spot, making it more straightforward for you to have a rewarding experience.

How to find the best hunting location

Geographically, Lost Ark is situated in an area full of islands and forests with diverse soil types. You can view the game’s map and find the various hunting spots across different sites that provide a bounty of wildlife – especially rabbits.

Choosing can be simple, and all it requires is the potential for abundant resources, and that’s what we’ll consider when selecting our locations.

Gatherable nodes appear on the second continent, offering an array of ways to obtain what you want. By doing so, you can ensure your experience will yield an abundance of rewards.

So, here are the best Lost Ark hunting locations:

  1. Crescent Island.
  2. Eternity Island.
  3. Parna Forest.
  4. Prisma Valley.
  5. Tideshelf Path.
  6. Candaria Territory.
  7. Mercia Island.
  8. Bilbrin Forest.
  9. Glass Lotus Lake.

Crescent Island

If you’re just getting started with hunting, this island is the perfect place for you. It has an abundance of rabbits but no big predators that could distract your attention. All it takes is a little exploration, and soon enough, you’ll be rewarded with crystalized scales.

Eternity Island

If you’re looking for a universal hunting area, this island is the perfect place. From its sandy landscapes to towering mountains, it’s geographically distinct from anywhere else on our list. Plus, the wildlife here is abundant – large and small animals can be found when you search for something to hunt.

Parna Forest

Parna Forest is the perfect destination for adventurers and hunters looking to win prizes. To hunt rabbits specifically, head west of the area and find yourself in Triport. You may need to venture up or down, depending on your luck.

Be sure to keep your guard up – dangerous creatures roam this forest, which could easily threaten one’s safety if not taken care of first. Once that obstacle is out, feel free to search around until you stumble upon some rabbits who will provide droves of rewards.

Prisma Valley

Why not visit Prisma Valley for your next rabbit-hunting expedition? When you open the map, you will quickly find Triport and Bamboo Temple on its west side. As soon as you enter the area, rabbits will be in abundance.

However, beware of any hostile creatures that may try to attack – keep your distance if possible, or fight them off swiftly with a weapon. Prisma Valley is rich with wildlife and is also situated within a stunning landscape, perfect for enjoying nature’s beauty.

Mercia Island

From rabbit hunting to killing enemies, this island will be a worthwhile and ideal spot for your next expedition. Rabbits are plentiful here and hidden in thickets and on the open field – so you can explore clockwise while keeping an eye out for these darting creatures.

And if things get too overwhelming during combat? Just run fast. Additionally, there’s always something else exciting awaiting discovery around each corner of this magnificent isle.

Bilbrin Forest

West Luterra’s Bilbrin Forest is a paradise for Lost Ark players searching for an easy target, thanks to its abundance of rabbits and user-friendly layout. Whether you’re looking to level up or have fun with your friends, the area presents as ideal due to how easily accessible it is.

Aside from the rabbits, there are also hostile mobs that may seem impossible to defeat at first. However, if players farm levels and complete quests, they will be ready to take on these mobs in no time.

Tideshelf Path

Tideshelf Path is naturally poised to draw in many users by positioning itself as a hub. With its vast and memorable area full of critters apart from rabbits, this prime farming place allows gamers to advance through their levels without risking venturing too far away from safe zones or consuming any consumables specific to the game.

In addition, Tideshelf Path is an optimal farming location for the rare T3 Brondie Kethus. Spawning points are situated west of the triport and near Mellow Beach. Although it can be hectic at times due to its popularity, having other players around provides a reliable source of help when facing formidable adversaries.

Candaria Territory

Candaria Territory in Lost Ark gameplay provides a plentiful yet treacherous terrain, leaving many gamers uneasy. But those confident enough to pack their inventory with healing items such as Life Energy Potions can find this unexplored region a good place for farming.

Situated in South Vern, it is the perfect destination for avid hunters searching for spots to explore southwest or northeast from Collapsed Ancient Ruins. Plus, there’s an abundance of T3 Brondie Kethus scattered throughout the area, making this location ideal if you want to achieve endgame materials quickly.

Glass Lotus Lake

For those players who have advanced beyond the beginner stages, the Glass Lotus Lake is an ideal destination. This location brims with a bounty of wildlife to hunt and vegetation to cultivate – teeming with resources that even ticket-holders of Platinum Fields would find alluring.

Therefore, if you’re looking for abundant provisions, don’t hesitate to make your way to the area.

Best places for T3 hunting

Even when crowded, it’s hard to deny how appealing the Central Plaza Triport of Tideshelf Path in Punika is for hunting. You’ll find several secure spawns of T3 Brondie Kethus nearby, such as near Mellow Beach and Candaria Territory South Vern.

Additionally, there are unchallenged spots where you can hunt around the Collapsed Ancient Ruins both northeast and southwest. But the most efficient way – is to use your Platinum Fields tickets when you find them.

They are randomly obtained through foraging, and if your purpose is hunting, then the Old Yudina Canal option will give you more bang for your buck. You only have 15 minutes inside this area, but with a few of your friends in tow, it will be easy to reap its excellent rewards – including bonus content worth paying an extra coin or two for.


It is wise to bring along some Basic Life Energy Potions when you’re out on a hunt, and this will ensure that your energy resources stay supplied during the quest.

Your hunting tools may also suffer from wear and tear, so if this occurs, remember Song of Hearth and Home; with its magical powers, you’ll be taken ago, where someone can fix them for you before returning via Song of Escape. Bilbrin Forest in West Luterra is undeniably the pinnacle of hunting spots within Lost Ark.

Everywhere you look around, rabbits jump and bind. However, many mobs can also be found here and will not challenge you due to their low level.

If you desire an extra-challenging experience while visiting the neighboring continent, take a trip to Dyorika Plain’s East Luterra: it houses plenty of rabbits. Our go-to route often includes Monterque Manor and Ranch – it always works for us.


Our guide to Lost Ark’s top hunting spots has come to a close. There are additional areas where you can hunt in the game; however, these locales have been highly recommended based on our experience and player reviews – perfect for newbies and veterans alike.

We hope this article served as beneficial advice during your expedition through the skill level-up journey. Good luck.

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