How to get Gauss warframe

Updated in January 2023

General Information
Sex Male
Mastery Rank 0
Max Rank 30
Health 100 (300 at Rank 30)
Shields 150 (450 at Rank 30)
Armor 175
Energy 150 (225 at Rank 30)
Initial Energy 100
Sprint Speed 1.4
Aura Polarity
Exilus Polarity
Introduced Update 25.7 (2019-08-29)
Themes Kinetic Energy, Runner
Progenitor Element Impact
Subsumed Ability Thermal Sunder
Tactical Ability Thermal Sunder
Sell Price 10,000

For an adrenaline-packed experience, Gauss is the way to go. With electrifying speed and unlimited destructive power from its bullets and melee strikes, no other Warframe can match it in pure entertainment.

Sedna’s Disruption node has everything you need to craft it, and it is the ultimate for those who love weapons and melee combat.

With this incredible tool, you can run faster than lightning, strip away armor from your adversaries, freeze them in their tracks instantly, and protect yourself from incoming damage — plus triple the fire rate of your guns.

Here is a guide on assembling Gauss, what each ability does, and which are the best builds that use it. Get ready for a wild ride.

What you will need to get Gauss

To acquire Gauss, purchase the primary blueprint from the market for 30,000 Credits. Meanwhile, his complementary blueprints can be found in Kappa on Sedna – an area ripe with potential rewards.

It is a Disruption mission where your chance to obtain Gauss components lies in reaching rotation C, and should you be successful, they will drop accordingly.

If you choose to go the Platinum route, Gauss can be bought readily, and it will save you from having to collect material on Sedna’s Disruption mission laboriously.

Gauss abilities

Gauss’s speed-based gameplay makes the experience incredibly exciting and dynamic. Let’s take a moment to explore his abilities in greater depth.


Gauss’s extraordinary abilities are fueled by a singular resource – the Electrokinetic Battery. Positioned at the bottom-left of your HUD, this power source produces Energy as Gauss traverses more distance.

Using its powers will either refuel or deplete your battery and offer more substantial effects for its capabilities. With a fully charged Electrokinetic Battery, your shield regeneration will be vital.

With this maxed battery, you get an impressive 120% faster shield recharge and 80% shorter recharge delay – making Gauss a remarkable shield tank if you can ensure that the battery stays at maximum capacity. This bonus augments additional sources of both shield recharge rate and delay.

Mach Rush

Gauss can activate a hyper-sprint, prohibiting weapons and parkour movement. Using this ability, Gauss will sprint twelve meters toward your cursor at an unbelievable speed while consuming only 10% energy from his Electrokinetic Battery.

Suppose you prolong the use of Mach Rush by holding down the button. In that case, it enters into channeling mode, which allows Gauss to continue moving faster than ever until he runs out of Energy, casts another ability, or uses one of his weapons.

His running speed is further enhanced with modifiers that maximize your movement capabilities. Invading foes will create a ragdoll effect that charges Gauss’ Electrokinetic Battery by 1% while sprinting into walls causes an explosion, with each impact dealing damage to nearby targets.

This force of destruction is determined by Ability Strength and Range, which respectively dictate the amount of harm done and the size of its circumference. Mach Rush is your go-to method for recharging and trucking around the battlefield.

If you’re playing open-world content, it’s advisable to focus on improving sprint speed; that way, you can travel through even the amplest spaces faster than any other Warframe – excluding Titania, Archwings, and a Volt with high Strength stats.

Mach Rush Stats
Drain Cast: 15 Energy
Drain: 12.5 Energy per second
Range 12 Meters
Impact Radius 4 Meters
Explosion Radius 10 Meters
Explosion Damage 800 Impact
Applicable Mods
Duration Range Efficiency Strength
It affects Energy drain while < 175% Efficiency. It affects impact and explosion radii Affects cast and channeling Energy costs Affects explosion damage

Kinetic Plating

When Kinetic Plating is activated, Gauss’s armor plates are supercharged to give him damage resistance against all offensive attacks.

What’s more is that an astonishing 5% conversion rate on incoming kinetic energy damage like IPS, Heat, Cold, and Blast will also grant Gauss Energy – similar to how Rage or Hunter Adrenaline works.

Taking any harm, either in terms of shields or HP, can trigger this energy transformation; however, it should be noted that while this special plating is utilized, your battery life starts depleting.

Kinetic Plating provides a 100% damage increase for all melee weapons when your battery is at total capacity and also produces an immense stagger surprise with every hit. This power amplification stacks up with existing sources causing the mayhem to reach maximum levels.

So, if you’re looking for more ways to deal with extraordinary amounts of damage – it is your toolbox essential. It offers optimal results when incorporated into Duration builds, with Strength being positive but not the main focus.

Gauss’ Redline allows you to reach full battery power, giving this skill 100% damage resistance for some hits. As Kinetic Plating drains your battery as each attack happens, Mach Rush is recommended during or after a gunfight to restore batteries and maintain its DR buffs at maximum levels.

Furthermore, the DR given by Kinetic plating multiplicatively stacks on top of other forms of DR sources already present.

Kinetic Plating Stats
Drain 50 Energy
Duration 30 Seconds
Damage Reduction 20-100%
Energy Conversion 5%
Applicable Mods
Duration Range Efficiency Strength
Affects ability duration N/A It affects cast Energy cost Affects damage reduction

Thermal Sunder

When Gauss channels his Energy into his Warframe suit, it causes nearby targets to receive Cold damage and can even Freeze them when the battery power is higher than 80%.

He will gain 10% extra battery charge by casting this ability while leaving behind an AoE field that deals prolonged Cold damage. If the capacity is held for extended periods, a blazing circle of fire appears with twice as much Heat harm in the same range.

The effectiveness of this skill relies on Ability Strength and how charged your battery is. Unleash the full potential of Thermal Sunder with a double cast to decimate enemies, stripping their armor permanently depending on your battery power.

When used at maximum capacity, it will strip all targets in a range of their entire armor. You can use this ability as an effective crowd control and AoE Heat damage tool and concurrently utilize Mach Rush for additional elemental destruction when casting through Thermal Sunder’s blast.

In short, both abilities merge into one explosive combo. Gauss builds aren’t typically optimized for Thermal Sunder, but Warframes that offer the ability should prioritize Range and Strength.

The damage output using this technique is astounding – with a mere investment in Strength and an energized battery, Steel Path enemies can be eliminated within just a few casts.

Thermal Sunder Stats
Drain 50 Energy
Radius 12 Meters
Duration 15 Seconds
Status Duration 4-8 Seconds
Damage Cold: 150-750 Cold Damage
Heat: 300-1,500 Heat Damage
Applicable Mods
Duration Range Efficiency Strength
It affects ability and status duration. Affects ability radius It affects cast Energy cost Affects Cold and Heat damage dealt


Gauss’ Redline is a powerful ultimate that has gained immense popularity among Warframe players. With the activation of this ability, Gauss will go into overdrive, allowing him to access up to 20% more battery power than his usual capacity.

Moving while in this state increases the rate at which he can charge his battery; however, your Ability Duration stat determines how quickly it sets. Redline grants extra battery power that boosts your other abilities, enabling them to have unique mechanics.

Gauss is granted four special buffs in Redline – increased fire rate, faster melee attack speed, accelerated weapon reloading, and swifter holster speed. The intensity of these enhancements depends on the battery level and Ability Duration.

With a charged battery capacity, Gauss can shoot with instantaneously reload speed and holster, rapidly draw each gun and swing their melee arms more proficiently than before. Redline is Gauss’ most impressive skill and should be at the center of your build.

It maximizes its potential when paired with Ability Duration — increasing Redline’s duration and potency. As such, it’s advisable to keep Redline up continuously to make Gauss especially powerful.

But with Gauss’ Redline, any bow-equipped setup will receive a looped charge rate when at the maximum battery, thus leading to frequent “failure to release” incidents when shooting arrows.

Redline Stats
Drain 100 Energy
Duration 30 Seconds
Buffs Fire Rate: 15-75%
Attack Speed: 8-40%
Reload Speed: 10-50%
Holster Speed: 20-100%
Spark Damage 400 Impact and Puncture
Applicable Mods
Duration Range Efficiency Strength
It affects ability duration and buff magnitude. N/A It affects cast Energy cost Affects spark damage

Buying Gauss

Ready to invest real money? With Warframe’s premium currency, you can unlock Gauss for only 325 Platinum. To get the most bang for your money and maximize your savings, buy the 370 Platinum pack at a discounted rate of $19.99.

After that purchase is complete, navigate to Gauss’ page in the market and watch him come alive with just one click.

Crafting Gauss

If you still want to know how to get Gauss, Warframe gives you another opportunity. To add it to your arsenal, pay a visit to Sedna and take on the Rotation C of Kappa – Disruption mission. There’s only an 8% chance that you’ll get each blueprint component every time, so be prepared for around 20 attempts.

To recover items from conduits, you must defeat enemies to acquire their keys and then deploy them next to the Conduits. Subsequently, defend each pipe while battling Demo units that attempt to obliterate your progress.

Once victorious in protecting a Conduit, you have completed one rotation with a unique chance of obtaining parts for Gauss.

Item Source Chance Expected Nearly Guaranteed
Chassis Blueprint Sedna Disruption / C 7.84% ~ 12 C Rotations 84 ± 28 C Rotations
Systems Blueprint Sedna Disruption / C 7.84% ~ 12 C Rotations 84 ± 28 C Rotations
Neuroptics Blueprint Sedna Disruption / C 7.84% ~ 12 C Rotations 84 ± 28 C Rotations
Manufacturing Requirements
25,000 1 1 1 3 Time: 3 Day(s)
Rush: 50
Market Price: 325 Blueprints Price: 30,000
Gauss Neuroptics Blueprint
15,000 1 1,600 6,200 2,950 Time: 12 Hour(s)
Rush: 25
Gauss Chassis Blueprint
15,000 3 3 6 55 Time: 12 Hour(s)
Rush: 25
Gauss Systems Blueprint
15,000 3 3 70 85 Time: 12 Hour(s)
Rush: 25


Crafting Gauss’s components necessitates a substantial investment of both finances and resources, as the ores needed for his production are difficult to extract. Mining outposts on the Plains of Eidolon and Orb Vallis must be explored to acquire these elements, but more is needed.

One also needs a high rank with significant standing to purchase blueprints from vendors in Cetus or Fortuna. The following is a list of the resources required to build Gauss and their locations:

Resources Resource Locations
Argon Crystal Venus, Jupiter, Sedna, Ceres, Phobos, Pluto
Rubedo Phobos, Earth, Pluto, Europa, Sedna, Void
Salvage Mars, Jupiter, Sedna
Alloy Plate Venus, Jupiter, Sedna, Ceres, Phobos, Pluto
Radian Sentirum Plains of Ediolon (Earth)
Heart Nyth Plains of Ediolon (Earth)
Star Crimzian Plains of Ediolon (Earth)
Grokdrul Plains of Ediolon (Earth)
Radiant Zodian Orb Vallis (Venus)
Marquise Thyst Orb Vallis (Venus)
Mytocardia Spore Orb Vallis (Venus)
Thermal Sludge Orb Vallis (Venus)

Gauss augments

Gauss has two Augments to pick from Mach Rush and Thermal Sunder. Both can be purchased for 25,000 Standing each from either the Arbiters of Hexis or Perinn Sequence Syndicates, but Augments may also be exchanged between players.

Mach Crash

When Mach Rush hits a solid surface, it creates an eight-meter vortex that pulls all enemies in its vicinity and traps them for two seconds. This behavior is akin to the latter part of Vauban’s Bastille ability and clumping targets close together.

Ability Range modifiers influence the range of this vacuum so that you can adjust it according to your needs.

Thermal Transfer

With Thermal Sunder, you and your allies will acquire a 30-second damage buff that complements the AoE’s element. For example, when Gauss creates a Cold Thermal Sunder, all of you entering the radius receive 75% of your weapon damage as extra Cold harm for half a minute.

Moreover, if a Heat AoE is in play, everyone affected will experience its corresponding warmth bonus. The duration can be increased with Duration mods, while Strength mods boost this additional power even further.

Previously, Thermal Transfer was a tricky augment because the Heat Damage must be applied before anything else – even if you tried creating a Cold Thermal Sunder first. This made using this increasingly difficult for those not familiar with combined elements.

When it comes to general combination behavior:

  1. If no elements are present, heat is applied first, then cold, which creates blast damage.
  2. When one part is used, the heat will merge, and the cold will be left alone.
  3. If a combined element exists, heat and cold can connect with it for extra damage; if not applicable, each type of damage should be calculated separately.

Gauss builds

With Thermal Sunder, you and your allies will acquire a 30-second damage buff that complements the AoE’s element. For example, when Gauss creates a Cold Thermal Sunder, all of you entering the radius receive 75% of your weapon damage as extra Cold harm for half a minute.

Moreover, if a Heat AoE is in play, everyone affected will experience its corresponding warmth bonus. The duration can be increased with Duration mods, while Strength mods boost this additional power even further.

Previously, Thermal Transfer was a tricky augment because the Heat Damage must be applied before anything else – even if you tried creating a Cold Thermal Sunder first. This made using this increasingly difficult for those not familiar with combined elements.

If you’re looking to give Gauss a boost of Energy when there are no enemies around, Zenurik is your best bet. For stripping enemy armor when the battery isn’t at full charge, Unairu does wonders; however, it’s ultimately up to preference.

Focus schools are optional for Gauss and what works best depends on individual preferences – so pick whatever you suit. Gauss’ set of abilities is so perfectly matched that removing one would be a mistake.

Mach Rush charges his battery, Kinetic Plating grants Damage Resistance, Thermal Sunder provides valuable Crowd Control and armor-stripping effects, and Redline amplifies Gauss’ effectiveness. If you want to add Helminth, we recommend swapping out Energized Munitions or Rhino’s Roar for Thermal Sunder.

Starter Build (0 Forma, No Subsume)

Gauss works without Forma and boosting your Scale Duration as much as possible will enhance the Strength of Redline and lengthen other abilities.

Narrow-Minded, Primed Continuity, Augur Message, and Constitution significantly boost your duration stat, granting you 90 seconds of Redline time and multiplying buff intensity by three. Moreover, weapons expel their ammunition instantly while reloading faster than expected.

To ensure our survivability, we’ll be deploying Redirection to benefit from Gauss’ remarkable shield regeneration and delay statistics coupled with Adaptation (R0) for some much-needed damage resistance in the event Kinetic Plating cannot reach its maximum power.

Primed Flow allows us to store much Energy generated through Kinetic Plating, whereas Natural Talent significantly reduces the time required when casting your abilities.

To give Gauss an edge in the sprinting department, Sprint Boost gives him a minor speed boost and makes charging his battery somewhat less of a challenge. If you’re looking for extra survivability, equip Arcane Aegis on him so that he has constant shield regeneration.

Mach Crash (2 Forma, No Subsume)

This build features Gauss’ Mach Crash and an augment that creates a vortex when you hit walls. This gives Gauss control of the crowd and increases his potency in battles.

We’re aiming for a combination of Duration and Range to maximize the power of Mach Rush’s vortex and enlarge Thermal Sunder while still receiving Redline’s enormous benefits.

Narrow-Minded, Primed Continuity, and Augur Message give you sufficient duration to keep your powers activated and benefit from Redline bonuses. Overextended and Stretch will help skyrocket your range stat up to 169%, generating a Mach Rush vortex of considerable size.

Adaptation and Redirection offer more than necessary survival capabilities, while Rush helps power up your battery for optimal performance. To get the most out of this strategy for late-game content, you’ll need Arcanes.

Molt Efficiency gives your ability duration a 36% boost, so you can compensate for losing Constitution. On top of that, Molt Augmented counteracts the 60% Strength penalty from Overextended, allowing Kinetic Plating to give maximum DR when it has a full battery.

With Redline on board, getting 250 kills should be no problem. In short, with all these additions, you’ve got an ideal Gauss to build featuring CC and plenty of Thermal Sundering power too.

Energized Gauss (3 Forma, Energized Munitions Subsume)

Wouldn’t it be great if Gauss could maximize his fire rate bonus and enjoy more time shooting instead of reloading? With this build, you can do just that.

By replacing Thermal Sunder with the Energized Munitions obtained from the Helminth system, your ammo efficiency will increase to 75%, allowing you to shoot four times as many rounds before reloading. Enjoy non-stop action with this fantastic build today.

To build the ultimate version of this, we will focus on duration and incorporate all the Duration mods (except Nira’s Hatred) to reach 306% extended duration. Molt Efficiency adds a further 36%, allowing Redline to remain active for more than 100 seconds and Energized Munitions for 17.

We also use Arcane Aegis combined with Redirection and Adaptation, which offer Gauss uninterruptible shield regeneration. With Primed Flow, you can maintain your energy economy. Natural Talent reduces Energized Munitions’ lengthy cast time significantly.

Rush is ideal for the Exilus slot to quickly charge up Gauss and enable him to achieve superhuman speeds. For the aura, choose Sprint Boost if possible – this will increase your firing speed dramatically, quadruple magazine capacity with Energized Munitions, and allow you to run faster than sound.


Gauss is the pioneering Warframe that has its component blueprints obtained from Disruption. Quickly and effectively interrupt your enemies’ plans by destroying Demo units while keeping an eye out for conduits in this mission.

Not only will you be capable of making faster progress when you seek them out and kill them, but a key may also drop with each one that is eliminated. Also, joining forces with others adds speed to your endeavor and enhances defense against opposing forces.


While it is relatively straightforward (and not super time-consuming) to get your hands on all the blueprints required to craft Gauss, you power have to do some grinding to find all the resources you’ll apply in your foundry. But if you do, however, have all needed – enjoy crafting.

Or you can always buy it for platinum in the in-game market. Whichever way you choose to go about it, ensure you want to unleash devastation with this warframe electrifying speed and unlimited destructive power. With this guide, acquiring him should be a breeze. Happy hunting.

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