Lost Ark Rapport guide

Updated in January 2023

In most modern video games, there are usually characters that you can interact with to some degree. However, many players don’t bother talking with them as they deem it not worth their time.

Lost Ark is different because interactions with NPCs can be beneficial and rewarding if done correctly. In this game, rapport building is key to obtaining items otherwise tricky to find, and even some currency!

Today’s Lost Ark Rapport guide will teach you everything needs to know about this system.

What you will need to start Rapport leveling

The Rapport tab is located in the Adventure section of the in-game menu, and you can also access it by pressing ALT+N. This tab allows you to see where Rapport NPCs are and what rewards you gain by interacting with them.

The rewards vary, but interaction with them will also net you a lot of Gold coins. The Rapport section has a list of different Continents you can choose from. Each Continent has several NPCs that are greyed out until you speak with them and complete a quest.

Once you finish it, the character will be unlocked, and you can start your Rapport journey by selecting their name. The Rapport system has different levels that increase as the NPC starts liking you more.

You can upgrade your status by visiting the character and interacting with them, such as giving gifts, playing instruments, or using emotes.

However, keep in mind that there are limits for each NPC, which means it will take quite some time to reach the maximum Rapport level with every character. Furthermore, as you advance levels, you’ll need more Rapport points since they become significantly harder to obtain.

Rapport scale in Lost Ark

Rapport in the game, like most reputation systems, operates using a scale. When you first start building Rapport with an NPC, you will see five stages of Rapport represented through interactions with the characters.

These show how your relationship with the specific character has progressed, and the higher up on the tier means a more vital level of Rapport. Rapport has multiple levels, each represented by a pink exclamation mark.

You’ll see the new level’s impact as soon as you unlock it for an NPC. Interacting with these marks gives you access to character backstories via text options. By completing one stage, you unlock the rewards for the next stage. The five stages of Rapport are as follows:

Rapport Tier Levels
Normal 2
Amicable 3
Friendly 3
Trusted 3
Affection 1

You will need to have a high Virtue stat to continue conversations with the NPCs at the higher stages of Rapport in Lost Ark.

You can check your character’s progress for these stats in the Skin and Virtues option under their profile. Virtue stats are increased by doing more sidequests, completing Una’s Task Reputations, collecting items, and progressing through the Rapport stages.

How to increase Rapport in Lost Ark

The following methods will help you to build better relationships in Lost Ark.

Talk to an NPC

The simplest and most efficient way to earn Rapport points is by talking to non-player characters. This will likely be the first method you use to increase your Rapport with an NPC. To do this, go up to a character and start a conversation with them.

These conversations are usually short, but at the end of each one, you get quite a few Rapport points. Your choice of Rapport NPCs to focus on depends on different aspects, so there is more than one definitive answer. The following factors may guide your decision:

  1. The rewards that non-playable characters give you are only some created equal–some are much better than others. We’ll get into more detail below.
  2. If you’re looking to be efficient with your time as a casual player, it will make the most sense to focus on Rapport NPCs close by. Although they will all eventually give you something, gathering items from nearby is the more convenient option.
  3. You must complete all the Rapport NPCs across the main storyline continents to fill your Adventurer’s Tome for that area. However, completing some more manageable tasks can surpass a ten percent completion mark, providing great rewards.

Complete Rapport quests

Once you speak with an NPC, a pink exclamation point will appear on your map to signal where the next character is for rapport quests. While some of these quests are quick and easy to complete, they still award a fair amount of Rapport, so aim to finish as many as possible.

Adventurer’s Tome quest

The Adventurer’s Tome mission is a crucial part of the Lost Ark campaign, and to complete it, you’ll need items from certain NPCs. You can get these items by increasing your Rapport level with them. The important NPCs you should focus on are listed below.

The Special Potato is obtainable after completing the trusted Rapport stage with Siera. Thunder can be found in Yudia. You will be rewarded with the Ritual Food Ingredient by developing a solid rapport with them. Orelda, located in Rohendel, will give you the Secret Cake Recipe after completing the trusted stage.

To unlock the Rapport stage with Neria, you must complete the Trusted step with her and have 220 Charisma and 220 Kindness. As a reward for completing the Trusted stage, Nigeria from Yorn will give you the Full Mine Car Ham Set.

Use Rapport songs

Rapport points can also be earned by playing an instrument for an NPC. A list of songs they enjoy will appear when you speak to them. If you play one for them, Rapport points will be given as a reward.

The amount received varies depending on the NPC in question. Still, everyone asks for something different, so make sure to have a broad repertoire if you want good relationships with all characters!

The Sheet Music Menu, opened by pressing F2, lists all your unlocked songs. Getting more pieces is essential since it allows you to raise your Rapport level with NPCs much faster.

The songs in Lost Ark and their respective acquisition methods are listed below:

Rapport Song Name How To Acquire
Elegy of Serenity The Elegy of Serenity is part of the Iceberg Inquiry quest and can be completed in Mathias.
Forest’s Minuet Once you complete the “Set Sail!” quest, you can use a boat to travel, which is necessary to get this song. The Song of Resonance is needed next, and we have provided more information about it on the list below.

After you finish the primary goals, talk to Traveler Eclipse on Lullaby Island. They will give you a new set of quests once your character reaches level 50. After completing this final set of searches, you’ll be rewarded with Forest’s Minuet song.

Festival Overture Yet to be discovered.
Requiem of Twilight You can only obtain it by completing the “She Only Dreams of Peace” quest.
Heart’s Melody Acquired by progressing through the main quest.
Heavenly Harmony Includes the Reward Box received after completing Harmony Island.
Song of Eternity Complete 60% of Adventurer’s Tome in Rohendel to unlock.
Romantic Weapon You will unlock this after you have completed 60% of the Adventurer’s Tome in Yorn.
Serenade of Love It is acquired by completing the “Relationship Guru” quest.
Song of Escape Acquired by progressing through the main quest.
Song of Resonance This song can be purchased from the Treasure Hunter “Igran” for 16,500 silver.
Song of Harmony It is obtained by completing 50% of Adventurer’s Tome in Feiton.
Song of Peace It was acquired by completing 50% of Adventurer’s Tome in Punika.
Song of Reminiscence It is obtained by completing the “Journey: Lost Footsteps” quest.
Song of Starlight Favreau sells this song for 3,300 Gienah’s Coin at Starlight Isle.
Song of Spring Once you have unlocked the “Shangra’s Pure Energy” quest, you will have completed it.
Song of Valor Obtained by progressing through the main quest.
Song of Temptation It was acquired by completing 50% of Adventurer’s Tome in Yudia.
Song of Trixion Unlocked by progressing through the main quest.
Soulful Requiem It is obtained by completing 50% of Adventurer’s Tome in Feiton.

Use Rapport emotes

Using emotes, you can increase your Rapport points with NPCs in Lost Ark. There are a lot of Rapport emote options that you can unlock and use.

Emotes are actions or gestures that your character can perform to express feelings. For example, you can make your character blow a kiss or do a wave dance. Just visit an NPC and use an emote that performs some action in front of them.

The number of Rapport points you’ll earn is different for each emote, though it also varies depending on the preferences of the individual character. Only some NPC will appreciate every emote, so try to collect a wide variety if you want to make leveling easier.

For example, there is a non-player character in the game called Beatrice. If you use the Pray emote with her, it will give you 275 Rapport points. However, using the Stretch emote will grant 400 Rapport points instead.

Rapport Emote Name How To Acquire
Advance It is obtained by completing 50% of Adventurer’s Tome in Arthetine.
Beg Obtained by completing “Lina the Lovely” quest.
Affection Unlocked by completing “A Great Discovery” quest.
Bored It is obtained by completing 70% of Adventurer’s Tome in Rethramis.
Blow a Kiss It is acquired by completing the “Honorary Punikan” quest.
Cheers Upon completing the “Master’s Drinking Table” quest, you will receive this.
Error It is achieved by completing the “Secret Archives” quest.
Cute The “Pog” can be bought from Yuuri at Peyto for 5,000 silver.
Fear This item is unlocked by completing the “The Faces of Terror” quest.
Interrogate Obtained by completing the “Three Leaders” quest.
Frustrated You can get this item by completing the “Totoikis’ Dream Creation quest.”
Joy The “Trusted” Rapport Level with Mokamoka in Mokoko Village is necessary to unlock this.
Lailai You will unlock this after you finish the “Getting Ready for the Festival” quest.
Levitate You will unlock this after you finish the “Pioneer of Shangra” quest.
Laugh This emote can be bought from Naptha at Flowering Orchard for 6,000 silver.
Oath Obtained by completing the “Dark Blade” quest.
Pain By accomplishing the “Remnants of the Plague” quest and reaching Reputation Level 3, you will be rewarded with this.
Pray It is acquired after completing the “Morai Ruins” quest.
Polite It is acquired by completing the “Becoming a Queen” quest.
Proud This remote will be unlocked after you acquire 4 Masterpiece Collectibles.
Respect Unlocked after completing the “Ealyn’s Gift” quest.
Roar This emote can be purchased from Blackfang at Freedom Isle for 3,360 Gienah’s Coin.
Spirit Recovery It is acquired by completing the “The Garden Path” quest.
Shy Unlocked after completing the “A Good Day to Love” quest.
Stretch It is obtained by completing 70% of Adventurer’s Tome in West.
Surrender It is acquired by completing the “Rebuilding Luterra” quest.
Taunt It is acquired by purchasing it from BLackfang at Freedom Isle for 3,360 Gienah’s Coin.
Sway Unlocked by completing the “Becoming an Idol” quest.
Threaten Unlocked after you acquire 10 Island Tokens.
Umarka Unlocked after completing the “Father Knows Best” quest.
Wave Dance Unlocked after you obtain 35 Island Tokens.
Whistle Unlocked after you reach Reputation Level 3 during the “Ruffians in the Ground” quest.

Give gifts to NPCs

While there are multiple ways to generate Rapport in Lost Ark, using Rapport gifts is generally the most effective method. With this method, you can quickly rack up many Rapport points. Although giving an NPC their desired gift will result in the best reaction, they will still accept any other type of present.

If you give the gifts they have specifically requested, you will get more rapport points than if you selected a random gift. For example, there is a gift called Mokoko Carrot. When you click on it, the text says, “Mokamoka would love this.” This means that the donation is best suited for Makamoka.

It’s crucial to remember that you should only give presents to NPCs occasionally. Instead, gather as many gifts as possible and see if any of the preferred certain are among them. Only then should you continue leveling with their assistance. If not, you’re missing out on quite a few Rapport points!

Rapport gift points:

Gift Tier Rapport XP
Epic 300-450
Legendary 2,000
Artifact 10,000

The exceptions are the Encavian Crown, given to female characters and rewarding 5,000 XP, and the Crystal Necklace for male NPCs with the same experience.

How to get Rapport gifts

Rapport gifts can be obtained in Lost Ark through various methods, such as rewards for completing quests. The further you progress into the story, the more facilities you’ll have available. Rapport chests are a beneficial way of receiving gifts.

You earn these chests as prizes for completing quests and as part of Special Events, Daily Login Rewards, Roster Level Rewards, and various other ways. If you have some extra coins, you can buy them from different vendors.

You can use Providence Stones to purchase Rapport Chests. You can get these stones by completing Una Tasks, Stronghold Missions, and even killing specific enemies. With enough Providence Stones, you can trade them Rapport Chests. These chests are full of gifts that you can give to NPCs.

Traveling Merchants

Traveling merchants appear in every significant zone at the exact server times, but their location is always randomized. In addition to items used for cooking or other purposes, each traveling merchant also sells one Rapport gift.

You are allowed to buy this gift once per spawn. To give these gifts, you’ll need to exchange them at a Rapport NPC for authentic gifts, which is a 1:1 rate. Please visit the Rapport Exchange character in your purchase region to exchange gifts from traveling merchants.

Some traveling merchants sell gifts that can be delivered as-is without needing the “Region Speciality” tab at Rapport Exchange Merchants. For example, Punika does not have this tab. On special occasions, merchants may sell a Legendary-grade gift.

These gifts can be given as is to Rapport NPCs. Each traveling merchant is available every 25 minutes.

Merchant ships and pirate coins

You can purchase seven boxes of Epicgrade presents from each of the two types of sea merchants, Plumpcrab and Tea and Libra, per week. So, if you’re ever in Rohendel, take the time to visit the port – you’ll find both types of merchants there.

Exchange Rapport vendor

There is another tab where you can spend Providence Stone to buy Rapport gift boxes. Each area has an NPC marked with a pink icon on the map. This character offers two types of chests: a local gift chest based on what zone you are buying from.

The second method is dependent on the sea region from which you purchase. Providence Stones can be found by gathering in the Platinum Field dungeons, defeating Leader mobs worldwide, and on some event islands.

Remember that if you’re trying to build Rapport with NPCs in Punika, you’ll want to buy the Punika Rapport Chest. It comes packed with gifts that will give more points towards befriending characters on the islands of the Procyon Sea.

The great thing about these gift chests is that they’re always a surprise, so you never know which NPC might like it more.

Cash shop

Five Rapport selection boxes are available in the cash shop each week. Within each of the five Rapport Selection Chests, you will find one Legendary and five Epic items. You can also try your luck at Mari’s Secret Shop, where Rapport chests are occasionally put up for sale.

The weekly Rapport chests are a better value than the ones in Mari’s Secret Shop, not only because they cost 19 fewer blue crystals but also because the legendary chest is guaranteed.

The best Rapport gifts

Most gifts in Lost Ark will net you Rapport Points in the ballpark of 300 to 400. However, some players need to learn that there are rare types of Gifts that can give 2,000, 5,000, and 10,00 Rapport Points instead.

Using premium currency, you can buy Relic and Legendary gifts from Nada. You might find them in a chest by chance, too but buying them is the best way to increase your Rapport Level.

One of the significant advantages to these gifts is that they aren’t restricted to a specific type of non-player character and can be given to any kind, including:

Gift Name Amount of Rapport Points They Offer
Amber Ale 2,000
Chain War Chronicles 2,000
Fine Gramophone 2,000
Red Gem 2,000
Encavian Crown 5,000
Living Stone 10,000
Blue Gem 10,000
Crystal Necklace 10,000
Blue Heart Fruit 10,000
Grandmaster Mask 10,000

Which NPCs accept Rapport gifts

As you play the game, more Rapport NPCs will become available. You can identify them on-screen by the two hearts that float intermittently above their heads, which are also visible on your map.

Or, for a bigger picture, you can open the Rapport screen (by clicking ‘Adventure’ at the bottom right of your screen and then ‘Rapport’).

This reveals location information as well as other details. To interact with most Rapport NPCs, you must complete a requirement, such as a quest line. By doing so, the character will feel more positively towards you as a friend.

To see what’s required to unlock an NPC, go into the main Rapport screen and hover over any blacked-out character. A text box should appear explaining the requirements needed for that specific NPC.

Rapport gifts storage

All Rapport gifts in the game go into their special storage. Click on the Storage tab at the top of your inventory and select Rapport to access it. Note that items like Epic Rapport Chests and Legendary Rapport Chests aren’t stored there until you withdraw something from them.

Here, all your Rapport items are separated by rarity, and if you hover over each one, it will give you its corresponding Rapport value.

Best Rapport NPCs

It would help if you interacted with all NPCs in the game, but some are more helpful than others. The following list discusses the best characters in Lost Ark to give gifts to:

Name Location Noteworthy Reward(s) Rapport Needed
Orelda Glass Lotus Lake in Rohendel
  • Wisdom Potion (Trusted)
  • Secret Cake Recipe (Trusted)
5900 Rapport Points
Siera Prideholme in Luterra
  • Special Potato (Trusted)
5900 Rapport Points
Thunder Saland Hill in Luterra
  • Ritual Food Ingredient (Trusted)
17,800 Rapport Points
Nagi Sweet Pharmacy in Punika
  • Kindness Potion (Trusted)
  • 2200 Gold (Trusted)
37,900 Rapport Points
Blue-Eyed Calvasus Hypnos’s Eyes
  • Calvasus Epic Card (Friendly)
  • Hypnos’s Eyes Island Soul (Trusted)
  • 9th Giant’s Heart (Trusted)
  • Masterpiece 29 (Trusted)
37,900 Rapport Points
Neria Neria’s Secret Office – Candaria Territory
  • 120,000 Silver (Amicable)
  • Epic-Grade Engraving Pouch (Amicable)
  • Charisma Potion (Trusted)
  • Masterpiece 52 (Trusted)
37,900 Rapport Points
Nia Nia Village in Punika
  • 1400 Gold (Amicable)
  • Nia Epic Card (Friendly)
  • Charisma Potion (Trusted)
  • Omnium Star 3 (Trusted)
57,800 Rapport Points
Neria Neria’s Tavern in Yorn
  • Courage Potion (Friendly)
  • Complete Mine Car Ham Set (Trusted)
57,800 Rapport Points
Jederico Nameless Valley in Feiton
  • Courage Potion (Friendly)
  • 900 Gold (Friendly)
  • Legendary Secret Map (Trusted)
57,800 Rapport Points
Lutia Crematorium Beneath Feiton
  • 900 Gold (Friendly)
  • Epic-Grade Bleed Rune (Trusted)
  • Epic-Grade Engraving Pouch (Trusted)
  • 1800 Gold (Trusted)
57,800 Rapport Points
Shana Nia Village in Punika
  • 2700 Gold (Trusted)
57,800 Rapport Points
Thar Bellion Ruins in Vern
  • Courage Potion (Trusted)
  • Legendary Secret Map (Trusted)
  • Magical Vernese Brandy (Trusted)
57,800 Rapport Points
Ealyn Queen’s Hall in Vern
  • Ealyn Epic Card (Friendly)
  • Courage Potion (Trusted)
77,700 Rapport Points
Thirain Luterrra Palace in Luterra
  • 500 Gold (Friendly)
  • King Thirain Legendary Card (Trusted)
  • Kindness Potion (Trusted)
77,700 Rapport Points
Avele Queen’s Hall in Vern
  • 500 Gold (Friendly)
  • 900 Gold (Trusted)
77,700 Rapport Points
Azena Sunkeep in Rohendel
  • Charisma Potion (Amicable)
  • Azena and Inanna Legendary Card (Trusted)
77,700 Rapport Points
Beatrice Trixion
  • 2nd Giant’s Heart (Friendly)
  • Beatrice Legendary Card (Trusted)
  • Charisma Potion (Trusted)
77,700 Rapport Points
Sasha Stern Town Hall
  • Sasha Epic Card (Friendly)
  • 500 Gold (Friendly)
  • 3rd Giant’s Heart (Trusted)
  • 1200 Gold (Trusted)
77,700 Rapport Points
Nineveh Whispering Islet
  • 240,000 Silver (Amicable)
  • 1000 Gold (Friendly)
  • 340,000 Silver (Friendly)
  • 14th Giant’s Heart (Trusted)
  • Nineveh Legendary Card (Trusted)
  • Whispering Islet Island Soul (Trusted)
102,200 Rapport Points
Mari Eternity Isle
  • Mari Epic Card (Friendly)
  • 1000 Gold (Friendly)
  • Eternity Isle Island Soul (Trusted)
  • Epic-Grade Judgement Rune (Trusted)
102,200 Rapport Points

Daily Lost Ark Rapport limits

You can use five instruments and express five emotes every day. You’re also allowed to give 99 gifts per roster during this period. One extra song and emote per day is gained once you activate the Crystalline Aura, which is the paid premium membership for the game.

The Codex feature in-game will tell you where to acquire the songs and emotes that various NPCs require. If a character has two pieces available and you wish to play both, that will deduct two actions from your total number of instrument-playing opportunities for the day.

You can also use gifts to skip specific Virtue requirements if you have enough and deliver them all at once. Players are given a unique opportunity to form meaningful relationships with NPCs to access extraordinary conversations, rewards, and much more.

But it’s important to remember that this process requires lots of money and time investment so picking one NPC or character is your best option.


Rapport System is your chance to get rare items, learn more about Lost Ark’s history, and uncover new potential allies. Investing your time in this option will result in many rewards you would otherwise miss, so take advantage of it!

We hope you found this Lost Ark Rapport guide helpful! Have a great day!

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