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Updated in January 2023

Warframe is a game entirely about farming and grinding on various scales. The titles’ main idea is to get more and more warframes, weapons, Archwings, Sentinels, Nechramechs, etc. Not surprisingly, many players are interested in such a resource as Tellurium. You will need it in many of the game’s crafts. Let’s find out how to make the drop Tellurium faster and easier.

General Information
Type Resource
Rarity Rare
Drop Amount 1-1x
Helminth Secretions Oxides (10)
Sell Price Cannot Sell
Introduced Hotfix 15.7.2 (2014-12-19)


Tellurium is a rare resource. You can obtain it on Archwing missions, for killing enemies in Empyrean (Railjack missions), Archwing, Grineer Sealab, and Grineer Asteroid Fortress missions, as a Daily Tribute prize, and for completing the Bounty stages in Orb Vallis.

How and where to farm Tellurium?

There are not many places to obtain Tellurium in the game. Players have found only two locations where they can get their hands on this resource in the shortest time. Here they are:

Target Planet Name Type Level Tile Set
Uranus Ophelia Survival 24-29 Grineer Sealab
Neptune Salacia Mobile Defense 27-32 Corpus Ship (Archwing)

Let’s take a closer look at each of these farming locations.


Ophelia, located on the planet Uranus, is a Survival mission with Grineer Sealab Tile Set. The enemy levels here range from 24 to 29. Here you will have to fight against the hordes of Drekar Grineer, a slightly stronger version of the default Grineer.


Salacia is a location on the planet Neptune. The Corpus Ship (Archwing version) is used here as the Tile Set. The enemy level ranges between 27 and 32, and the opponent is a Corpus.

Despite the fact that Mobile Defense missions (which include Salacia) are not very convenient for farming resources, as you have to constantly run from one place to another, farming Tellurium here is not a bad idea at all since this very resource drops out here in really large quantities.

Tellurium Spare Parts method

The Spare Parts farming method is one of those methods that will allow you to get large quantities of Tellurium in the shortest possible time. It is not the most popular method, and relatively few players know about it, but it works. For it, you will need:

  • Any warframe with a small amount of HP (do not equip any mods);
  • Any Sentinel – Dethcube, Helios, Taxon, for example;
  • The Spare Parts mod installed in the previously selected Sentinel;
  • Resource Booster or Resource Drop Chance Booster – optional, but it is best to have one of these bonuses activated as they can greatly increase the amount of Tellurium gained.

The essence of the method is to put the Spare Parts mod on the previously selected Sentinel.

Leave all other mod locations blank – trust us, it is necessary. The point of this mod is that when a companion Sentinel dies, there is a 45% chance that a rare resource may fall out of it.

So, here are the steps:

  1. Open the Star Chart, then switch to Solo mode. Go to any mission on the planet Uranus. Still, it is better to prefer Capture or Exterminate missions because then you will not be disturbed by enemies, unlike Defense or Survival missions, where enemies are spawning endlessly. Moreover, not all Defense-type missions will allow you to find the right place for Tellurium grind because the space in such locations is rather limited.
  2. Quickly find the target and capture it (if it is a Capture mission). Next, find a cluster of mobs, switch to Operator, and activate the Void mode.
  3. While Operator is out of warframe, the mobs cannot attack him, so they will hit your Sentinel instead. When he dies, you get a 45% chance of obtaining one Tellurium or two – if you have the Resource Booster active.
  4. Further, once the Sentinel has died, it is now up to you to do the same thing. Kill yourself on nearby mobs or in the electric water, which is somewhere in the location.
  5. Resurrect and repeat the process several times – the Sentinel will revive after the warframe.
  6. You have four revivals available, so you can max out 10 Tellurium per mission with this method.

Although you will have to restart the mission repeatedly, it is still a good way to farm.

Acquiring Spare Parts doesn’t have to be so hard. You can find them with a slight drop chance from specific Corrupted enemies encountered in the Void or on Relic missions.

Your best bet, however, is ensuring that you take down Lephantis, an assassination target found at Deimos’ Magnacidium node—you stand more than a 22% chance of acquiring some when doing so!

The best equipment for Tellurium farming

You can farm enough Tellurium with any warframe and equipment – at least if you stick to the Spare Parts method. But if you decide to farm this resource the old-fashioned classic way, it is a good idea to bring a warframe that can farm on an industrial scale with its abilities. For example, Hydroid, Khora, Nekros, and others.

If you opt for these warframes, you can quietly drink tea by pressing a couple of buttons once a minute. You will only have to occasionally run over and pick up Tellurium dropped from dead opponents.

If you have Smeeta Kavat, be sure to take it with you. Resource Booster or Resource Drop Chance Booster can be useful as well. But that is optional, and if you have any at all.

By the way, if you are on the Archwing mission (we are talking about Salacia, for example), it is a pretty good idea to take advantage of the Cosmic Crush ability available from Itzal. It will form a miniature black hole that will suck in all nearby objects and blow them up, causing a ton of damage.

This will kill enemies on a huge scale, resulting in a large drop of many other resources – including Tellurium.


  • Tellurium is still a hard-to-get resource. It can take several tries to score enough of it on Salacia. Sometimes Ophelia has a similar problem, and it becomes difficult to know where the best place to farm is. Try to consider the Spare Parts method as a priority.
  • If you play Survival or Defense missions, be prepared for Tellurium drops to be significantly lower (compared to Capture or Exterminate missions). However, playing Survival or Defense missions is still a fairly liquid and profitable option if you get the right warframe: Khora, Nekros, or Hydroid. Or any other warframes with mass damage. For example, it could be Octavia, Revenant, Mag, or others.
  • Try to find a dead end on the map so that the whole team can stay in it, and the crowd of opponents can come at you. This will make farming much more comfortable, as the drops will fall to a single point. Collecting it will be much more efficient and faster than running around the location randomly. So try to act in concert with your teammates. It is also a good idea to ask them to mark the dropped resource. But do not forget to ping at the fallen Tellurium yourself.
  • By the way, there is another very unusual way to farm Tellurium. You need a party of Nekros, Hydroid, Vauban, and Trinity warframes. Vauban must have Augment mod Repelling Bastille. If not, the team will have complications in the form of enemies. The mod costs 25,000 reputations; it can be purchased from the syndicates like Cephalon Suda and The Perrin Sequence. If you go on a mission with this set of warframes, It will be easy and quick to farm Tellurium. But unfortunately, still very few, about 7-15 pieces at once. However, it is still a good option if you need more Tellurium to develop Dojo Clan or just for yourself. To get 100 Tellurium, you must go on a mission eight times for 20-30 minutes. It is better not to arrange sessions longer than 30 minutes and restart the mission again and again.
  • You may want to take Archwing weapons with you on a mission because they are usually stronger than any other weapons you would normally use. This will make killing mobs easier and make loot drops faster.


  • Tellurium can be bought in quantities of 1 for 10 Platinum in the in-game shop, but we do not recommend doing this. The price is too high, and it would be easier to farm the resource yourself.
  • Tellurium is the 52nd element on the periodic table (Te). The in-game description, “This rare metal is foreign to the Origin System and can only be found in asteroids that have made the long journey from other stars,” highlights that Tellurium is an extraterrestrial rather than terrestrial metal. Incidentally, in real life, Tellurium also has a different color – grey with a sparkling sheen. In the game, it is a stone with an irregular red texture.
  • The Smokefinger believes that the Orokin Empire used Tellurium to build Void gates during its rule and domination of the Origin System.
  • Since Tellurium was one of the first resources introduced into the game, its mesh has never been updated, and it still uses the generic resource container model.


The verdict: Tellurium is a really rare resource in Warfame. But all players need it. You will use it for crafting some warframe parts, for creating some Sentinels, weapons, Archwings, used for crafting Amps parts, etc. You can also feed Tellurium to Helminth to fill his progress bar.

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