How to get Nitain Extract in Warframe

Updated in January 2023

General Information
Type Resource
Drop Amount 1-1x
Sell Price Cannot Sell
Introduced Update 17.12 (2015-11-25)

In this article, we will discuss the Nitain Extract: one of the most challenging resources to obtain in the game. Associated files in the game and Warframe Nexus app call it Alertium. It’s necessary to craft Warframe components, helmets, and other items such as weapons, cosmetics, modules, and enhancements.

It is hard to get because it requires dedication and time investment; you need to know what you’re doing. However, if you follow our guide below, you’ll be able to farm Nitain Extract and add it to your stock very soon!

What you will need to get Nitain Extract

Unlike other resources, Nitain Extract farming is not possible in the usual way but must be obtained through alternative means. For example, the description of harvesting Nitain is based on recycling greenhouse compounds from germinated colonies underwater as another source of fuel, specifically Methane.

These are a few ways to describe how to get Nitain Extract in Warframe, including buying it from Nightwave Intermission contributions, finishing Ghoul Purge Bounties, and farming it from Resource Caches. Let’s look closer at all actual methods.

Drop locations

Nitain Extract can be earned by defeating enemies or completing specific missions. Some activities have a guaranteed chance of providing it, while others offer an opportunity to reach the resource.


Mission Type Source Star Chart Nodes Rotations Chance Quantity Avg. per roll
Exterminate Lua Exterminate Resource Caches
  • Plato, Lua
C 1.29% 1 0.0129
Exterminate Kuva Fortress Exterminate Resource Caches
  • Dakata, Kuva Fortress
C 2% 1 0.02
Exterminate Jupiter Exterminate Resource Caches
  • Carpo, Jupiter
C 1% 1 0.01
Ghoul Bounty Ghoul Purge Bounty Lvl 15-25 Final Stage
  • Plains of Eidolon/Cetus, Earth during Ghoul Purge event
A 4.72% 1 0.0472
Ghoul Bounty Ghoul Purge Bounty Lvl 40-50 Final Stage
  • Plains of Eidolon/Cetus, Earth during Ghoul Purge event
A 4.72% 1 0.0472
Sabotage Tier 1 Reactor Sabotage
  • Ishtar, Venus
  • Terminus, Mercury
  • Gradivus, Mars
C 0.67% 1 0.0067
Sabotage Tier 2 Reactor Sabotage
  • Ker, Ceres
  • Thon, Ceres
  • Adrastea, Jupiter
  • Calypso, Saturn
C 1% 1 0.01
Sabotage Tier 3 Reactor Sabotage
  • Rusalka, Sedna
  • Cypress, Pluto
C 2% 1 0.02
Sabotage Tier 4 Void Sabotage Resource Caches
  • Marduk, Void
C 1.01% 1 0.0101
Sabotage Tier 2 Void Sabotage Resource Caches
  • Stribog, Void
C 2% 1 0.02


Enemy Drop-Table Chance Item Chance Chance Quantity Avg. per roll attempt
Wolf of Saturn Six 5% 2.58% 0.129% 1 0.00129
Zealoid Prelate 5% 2.58% 0.129% 1 0.00129


Nightwave is an addition to Warframe. It would be best if you ranked up, earned WolfCreds, and reached level 15 before purchasing at least a bundle of 5 Nitain Extract. Once you have plenty of WolfCreds, trade them for the resource. The most satisfying part is that you can purchase multiple bundles at once!

Ghoul Bounties

The Ghoul Bounties in POE have a great chance of dropping Nitain Extract upon completion, which is much better than waiting for the old alert system. The likelihood of a level 15-25 Ghoul dropping Nitain Extract in Stage 4 is 4.12% and 5.95% by Stage 5.

The probabilities for level 40-50 Ghouls are 4.12% and 5.95%. While luck does play a role, today, you have more control over obtaining this resource.

Resource Caches

There is a 2.00% chance of finding 1 Nitain upon opening all three caches in the following locations:

  1. Stribog in the Void (Corrupted Sabotage Mission).
  2. Dakata in the Kuva Fortress (Grineer Exterminate Mission).
  3. Kelpie in the Sedna (Grineer Sabotage Mission).
  4. Cypress in the Pluto (Corpus Sabotage Mission).

The most reasonable way to get this resource is by completing fast runs with friends, allowing you to find the Orokin Caches. Remember to complete the Rotation C for additional chances of getting it.

Although it may take a lot of time, you can still find it by following this way. Try equipping mods like Loot Radar or Animal Instinct to help locate caches holding the Extract.

Reactor Sabotage Missions

You can also receive the resource as a reward for finding every cache in reactor sabotage missions. It has a 2% chance of appearing, but the likelihood increases the more tasks you complete.

You’re guaranteed to find some Nitrain Extract in the third cache of Exterminate missions on Lua, Jupiter, and Kuva Fortress, as well as in the Void Sabotage mission.

Gift of the Lotus

It is an event where you can complete missions to get Nitain Extract and other rewards. Note that some tasks can only be done once, so repeating them will not grant additional resources. Warframe offers players a limited-time opportunity to reap substantial rewards in the form of Gift of the Lotus.

By completing specific missions during this event, participants have access to exclusive Nitain Extracts – which can only be earned within the confines of this occasion and are not available otherwise.

Blueprints requiring Nitain Extract

Blueprints are patterns or plans that detail how to make various items in Warframe, such as sentinels and weapons. You can use it as an option to buy some things from the Market by using Platinum.

Each blueprint will show you what resources you need, how many credits it’ll cost, and how long it should take you to build the item in the foundry. And once you craft something from a blueprint, the original is (usually) gone for good. Here is a list of blueprints that includes Nitain Extract:

Blueprint Type Quantity (Research)
Amesha Archwing 4 (2)
Amesha Harness Component 2
Amesha Systems Component 2
Amesha Wings Component 2
Atlas Prime Chassis Component 2
Atlas Shikoro Helmet Cosmetic 2
Aura Forma Enhancement 10
Banshee Prime Neuroptics Component 2
Bishamo Cuirass Cosmetic 10
Broken War Melee 2
Caustacyst Melee 5
Chroma Prime Chassis Component 2
Corinth Primary 2
Destreza Melee 5
Frak Module 3
Fusilai Secondary 2
Gara Prime Systems Component 2
Harrow Prime Systems Component 2
Hildryn Chassis Component 2
Hinta Module 3
Hirudo Melee 3
Hydroid Prime Systems Component 2
Inaros Anubis Helmet Cosmetic 5
Inaros Canopic Helmet Cosmetic 3
Inaros Neuroptics Component 2
Inaros Prime Chassis Component 2
Ivara Chassis Component 4
Ivara Loxley Helmet Cosmetic 1
Ivara Prime Chassis Component 2
Ivara Systems Component 5
Ivara Zirastra Helmet Cosmetic 3
Javlok Primary 5
Khora Delphi Helmet Cosmetic 2
Lavos Chassis Component 5
Lenz Primary 3
Limbo Prime Systems Component 2
Mesa Prime Chassis Component 2
Mirage Prime Chassis Component 2
Nekros Prime Neuroptics Component 5
Nepheri Melee 2
Nezha Circa Helmet Cosmetic 5
Nezha Jinza Helmet Cosmetic 5
Nezha Prime Chassis Component 2
Nidus Myxini Helmet Cosmetic 2
Nidus Prion Helmet Cosmetic 2
Nidus Prime Systems Component 2
Oberon Prime Neuroptics Component 2
Octavia Prime Systems Component 2
Ohma Melee 4
Pox Secondary 2
Proboscis Cernos Primary 5
Sands of Inaros Quest 1
Saryn Prime Chassis Component 3
Saryn Prime Systems Component 3
Scimitar Fuselage Component 4
Scourge Primary 2
Sevagoth Lucifuge Helmet Cosmetic 2
Stance Forma Enhancement 5
Staticor Secondary 3
Sydon Melee (5)
Titania Aurai Helmet Cosmetic 2
Titania Chassis Component 3
Titania Mab Helmet Cosmetic 2
Titania Prime Chassis Component 2
Valkyr Prime Neuroptics Component 5
Vauban Prime Warframe 5
Vauban Prime Chassis Component 5
Vauban Prime Neuroptics Component 5
Vauban Prime Systems Component 5
Wanz Module 3
War Melee 5
Wisp Systems Component 2
Wolf Sledge Melee 5
Wukong Warframe (5)
Wukong Chassis Component 4 (3)
Wukong Dasheng Helmet Cosmetic 2
Wukong Neuroptics Component 2 (1)
Wukong Prime Systems Component 2
Wukong Systems Component (2)
Xiphos Fuselage Component 4
Zephyr Prime Chassis Component 2
Zhuge Primary 2
Total 249 (+18)
Research x1   x3   x10   x30   x100


So, the easiest way to get this resource is by using Nightwave credits to buy it, but of course, it ultimately depends on you and what method you’re most comfortable with. That’s all there is to know about getting Nitain Extract!

By now, you will understand this process better and can use our farming guide to find it more efficient for crafting helmets, weapons, cosmetics, module enhancements, and other items.

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