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Oxium is an unusual resource in the Warframe. It is in demand among all players – you can use it in many crafts. It has quite rare and specific ways of obtaining, which we will discuss now. We are just a fan site, so if you want to get some better information, go to the official one (Warframe Wiki, for example).

General Information
Type Resource
Drop Amount 7-12x
Helminth Secretions Oxides (750)
Sell Price Cannot Sell
Introduced Update 11.9 (2014-01-29)

How do you get Oxium?

To obtain Oxium you can use different ways. This very uncommon resource is dropped from mobs and can also be found in various special places. By the way, you can buy it in the in-game shop for 30 pieces of Platinum (300 pieces).


Here are the ways of obtaining Oxium:

  • Killing the Oxium Ospreys – the name of this mob speaks for itself. Suppose you manage to kill it before it explodes (after receiving a certain amount of damage, the Oxium Osprey activates a self-destruct protocol and may kill itself, leaving no loot for the player). However, if you manage to defeat the Osprey, you will get 7 to 12 Oxium units.
  • Finding destructible containers – while on a mission in Grineer, Corpus, or Orokin origin locations, you can find destructible containers. If you break them, you may get some Oxium.
  • During Sabotage missions – if you go through Sabotage in the Grineer location, you can get 250 Oxium with a 15% chance after the last (third) cache is opened.
  • As a daily bonus – Oxium can be obtained by visiting Warframe. The chance is random, but at some point, you may get 200 pieces or more, depending on the daily bonus counter – out of three presented rewards to choose from.

Farm of Oxium: where to go?

There are several ways to farm Oxium. Each player chooses their way, but the most profitable and fastest is the resource’s grinding at certain locations, which we will discuss further below. By the way, the farming process can be seriously accelerated by taking advantage of in-game bonuses.

Oxium. Item details

For example, Resource Booster. It doubles all the resources picked up from the enemies or after breaking the containers.

There is also Resource Drop Chance Booster, but it works differently. While you get 2x resources with Resource Booster, the Resource Drop Chance Booster will just simply increase the chance of them being dropped. And you should also take into account the fact that Resource Drop Chance Booster will not increase the chance of an Oxium drop bonus after killing an Oxium Ospreys.

Oxium farming locations

Target Planet Name Type Level Tile Set
Phobos Gulliver Defense 10-15 Corpus Ship
Jupiter Io Defense 15-20 Corpus Gas City
Pluto Outer Terminus Defense 30-40 Corpus Outpost

The Corpus unit, the Oxium Osprey, can offer infinite unique resources with relatively little effort. Yet when you desire hundreds or even thousands of Oxium for your project, it’s advisable to locate the best spot possible – and that is what we will help you do here.

There are a total of three locations for productive Oxium farm. They have been tested by the community players. Now let’s take a quick run through each location to see what’s so special about them.


Gulliver – the location of the planet named Phobos. The mission type here is Defense, and the average level of enemies ranges from 10 to 15. The tile set is the Corpus Ship. The main opponents here will be Crewman (Detron), Tech, MOA (Shockwave, Minima, Railgun), and Osprey (Mine, Leech, Shield, and Oxium).

Obtaining Oxium here is fairly easy, as the Oxium Ospreys spawn is high. There are also a lot of destructible containers scattered around the location, from which you can gain some more Oxium. A proper way to farm a decent amount of Oxium.


Slaying enemies on Io Jupiter is one of the best method to farm lot of Oxium. Here, as with the previous item, the mission type is Defense. This is not surprising, by the way, as this type of mission has the most Oxioum Ospreys, from which you can get the resource you need. Average enemy levels here range from 15 to 20. Opponents are similar to those in Gulliver.

Outer Terminus

Outer Terminus is the location of the planet Pluto. Here the player will encounter high-level mobs from levels 30 to 40. The gamer must have good equipment and a strong warframe filled with powerful mods to stand up to local enemies. On Outer Terminus, the player will encounter such a serious type of enemy as the Bursa, so farming Oxium in this location can be problematic for a newcomer. This is where most Ospreys are spawned.

So the best places to farm are defense missions. Survival missions can do as well, but the Oxium Osprey spawn rate here is lower. So if you are aiming at getting Oxium, it is better to just kill enemies on the defense missions and farm resources from them here. Well, the endless Corpus missions (Survival) is also a pretty good decision to get the additional Oxium.

The best equipment for the job

You can go on an Oxium farm with almost any warframe and weapon. The main thing is to have enough good mods in them – so that the warframes will deal a significant amount of damage with their abilities, and the weapons will tear enemies apart. But in general, there is one thing that will make farming Oxium easy.

There is one annoying thing about Oxioum Ospreys – they self-destruct when they take a certain amount of damage. In this case, the player gets nothing from them. To prevent this, it makes sense to take a warframe that is capable of dealing high burst damage on a mission. Or a sniper rifle to one shoot these Ospreys.

You can use some mods on Companions to speed up farming. For example, Vacuum or Charm are good options. The first mod will allow the player to suck up all nearby drops, including Oxium. The second mod can be inserted into Smeeta Kavat. If you are the lucky owner of this alien cat, you will be able to get extra Oxium periodically.

Oxium farming tips

Here are a few tips to speed up or simplify Oxium farming many times over:

  1. Forget about Extractors – as Oxium is a specific drop (i.e., it only drops only from certain enemies or specific containers), you cannot get it by installing Extractors on the planet where it drops.
  2. Try Ivara, Nidus, or Nekros – these three warframes have abilities that can help you grind things in the game. For example, Ivara has a skill called Prowl. It allows you to mark a target to get more loot out of it. Nidus, on the other hand, can help the player with his Larva ability, which will gather all the opponents into a pile and incapacitate them. Static targets are easier to hit, so Oxium Osprey will have a minimum chance of self-destructing without dropping the item. Nekros, after update 18.0, can desecrate the corpses of Oxium Ospreys with his third ability, so with this very warframe you will get a 54% chance to make the system re-drop some Oxium. A great opportunity to farm more while spending less time.
  3. Try playing some Sorties – in this mode, as many players have noticed, the spawn rate of Oxium Osprays is particularly high. Perhaps the only downside of Sorties is that they are only available to advanced players with strong warframes. Enemy levels there range from 60 to 100+, and the system simply will not let you start a mission if your warframe is not at least at skill rank 30.

By the way, Pilfering Swarm (Augmented mod) is also a cool thing. You can put it in the Hydroid warframe – it will seriously increase the amount of Oxium you get.

You should also take into account the fact that each player gets a different amount of Oxium. This means that, for example, if you kill an Oxium Osprey, you may only get seven pieces, while your teammate gets all 10, or even 12.

Blueprints requiring Oxium

Oxium is used in many Warframe crafts. It is without exaggeration one of the most important and sought-after resources. The gamer can use it to craft various weapons and warframes. For example, 400 Oxium is needed to create Chroma Systems – a strong, dragon-like warframe whose main weapon is element manipulation. Oxium is also used in almost all Itzal Archwing Crafts – a powerful tool for destroying Grineer and Corpus units in open locations. Incidentally, the Zephyr warframe also requires Oxium for crafting.



Oxium is a sought-after resource that will come in handy for every player sooner or later. You can use it to make not only quite ordinary things like warframes, weapons, and archwings, but also, for example, special Nutrio Incubator Upgrade Segment and many other items. Oxium is quite a hard resource to obtain (mostly due to its very low chance of drop) – it is rare lighter and only comes out of one mob.

Of course, you can find it in destructible containers, but the chance is really small here. If you do not know where to farm this exact resource, you can seriously get stuck in terms of game progress. However, if you use this guide and go farming in Gulliver, Io, and Outer Terminus locations, you can easily get the right amount of Oxium for your crafting.

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