Fieldron Sample farming

Updated in January 2023

Fieldron Samples are a rare component in Warframe. The in-game description of the item states: “This destroyed Fieldron could further research into super-heated containment fields.” Fieldron Samples are needed for many of the game’s crafts, so they are in high demand among gamers.

General Information
Type Research
Rarity Uncommon
Drop Amount 1-1x
Helminth Secretions Synthetics (125)
Sell Price Cannot Sell
Introduced Update 8.0 (2013-05-23)

By the way, an interesting fact: although Fieldron Samples do not become the first resource that players find on their way (just like Mutagen Sample, Neural Sensor, Polymer Bundle, and Argon Crystals do not become the first, although they are very much in demand among players).

It is one of the most important resources in the game. There are quite a few ways you can get the Fieldron and Fieldron Samples. Let’s take a closer look at each of them and determine the best way to farm once and for all.

Fieldron and Fieldron Sample difference

Fieldron Sample differs from Fieldron in that it is a component from which Fieldron itself is crafted. This is what the Fieldron crafting looks like:

Manufacturing Requirements
Time: 12 hrs
15,000 10 1 500 250 Rush: 5
Market Price: N/A Blueprints Price: 15,000

By the way, it is also worth noting that there is no easy way to craft a Fieldron. First, you will have to buy the needed blueprint at the Energy Lab in Clan Dojo. It is good if you have your clan in Warframe.

But if you do not, joining any of them is essentially a prerequisite for buying Fieldron’s blueprint. Of course, you can still get it in other ways, which will be outlined below. Fieldron cannot be farmed in the usual way, as it is not dropped from mobs (unlike Fieldron Sample).

But it can be obtained in various other ways. For example:

  1. As a reward for completing the three stages of Invasion – 1 to 3 pieces.
  2. When opening Storage Container in Corpus locations (very small chance).
  3. As a reward for completing stages 1-4 of the 4th round of Orb Vallis (note that Fieldron can only be obtained in rotation A).

Fieldron is used in a really large number of crafts. It is a highly sought-after item. You will need a ton of Fieldron to craft archwings, warframes, and weapons (mostly corpus weapons, which are based on energy technology). Here are just some of the popular crafts that require this resource:

  • Amprex;
  • Banshee;
  • Battacor;
  • Glaxion;
  • Arca Plasmor;
  • Komorex;
  • Nezha;
  • Volt;
  • Zephyr;
  • Lanka.

And so on.

Where to farm Fieldron Samples?

If you decide to farm resources like Fieldron Samples on missions, the best choice is the Survival or Defence types. If you settle to farm Fieldron Samples in missions of these two types, make sure that they are endless ones.

Most of the time Fieldron Samples can be found in locations where the enemy is Corpus. But the Warframe community has found that there are three quite profitable locations for the productive farming of Fieldron Samples versus Infested:

Target Planet Name Type Level Tile Set
Neptune Kelashin Survival (Dark Sector) 30-40 Infested Ship
Mars Wahiba Survival (Dark Sector) 10-20 Corpus Ship
Mars Kadesh Defense (Dark Sector) 10-20 Grineer Settlement


Kelashin is a location on the planet Neptune. Since this is the Dark Sector, the main opponent will be Infested – Chargers, Leapers, Runners, Crawlers, Mutalist Ospreys, Ancient Healers, and so on.

The level of enemies here ranges from 30 to 40, so the player will need some good equipment and a powerful warframe to farm comfortably here. The tile set here is the Infested Ship – a techno-organic spacecraft that once belonged to the Corpus faction.

This tile set is famous for its narrow corridors and camper rooms. The ideal choice for Tennos who prefer slow and lazy gameplay. The best solution is to take a warframe that can deal massive damage with one or two abilities – to farm as quickly as possible.

Such warframes include Mesa, Saryn, Equinox, and some others.


Wahiba is a Survival-type location on the planet Mars. Here the player will encounter Infested enemies as well.

The Corpus Ship is used as the tile set. Enemy levels range from 10 to 20, so the gamer can come to Wahiba even with a weak, poorly tuned warframe and weapons – it will not affect the farming process in any way.

Players starting the game should consider visiting Wahiba for early-game Fieldron Samples. The dark sector mission grants a 20% drop rate reward, unlike Kelashin on Neptune — making it an ideal destination for those who aren’t quite up to tackling higher-level threats yet.

Essentially, Wahiba is perfect for lower leveled players seeking powerful resources!


Kadesh is a Defense-type location on the same planet as Wahiba, namely Mars. In general, Kadesh and Wahiba do not differ much from each other, except for the type of mission. Both locations feature opponents of the same level and faction, i.e. Infested.


Here are some tips to make farming Fieldron Samples a lot easier:

  1. Take Nekros, Hydroid, Khora, or any other farming warframe with you on missions – all of the above warframes have abilities or Augmented Mods that increase their farming potential many times over. If you do not have access to them, try to find a teammate who can play on one of these three characters. Nekros with his desecrate ability is just something when it comes to farm – just try him out by yourself!
  2. Try to gather as many Fieldron Samples as you can – sure thing, you can get a ready Fieldron with Invasions, but this is a quite rare thing. It is always a good idea to have a few Fieldron Samples in reserve to craft Fieldron itself continuously. The thing about Fieldron in Warframe is that you need it for a really large amount of crafts. Almost every weapon you can make in Clan Dojo (in Bio, Chem, Tenno, and especially Energy Lab) requires at least a few Fieldron pieces to create.
  3. Do not buy a ready-made Fieldron for Platinum – of course, you can do it if you are a rich player, but it is not worth it. One Fieldron will cost you as much as 10 pieces of Platinum. That is a lot. You can barely craft anything with just one Fieldron, as almost every weapon, warframe, sentinel, or component is made from at least 5-6 Fieldron pieces. That means you have to spend at least 50-60 Platinum to make an item. This is very expensive and not profitable.
  4. To avoid conflicts with other players that in a hurry to complete the mission, play solo. Do not neglect to explore the whole map – even in the most hidden corners. Of course, you can still do this with random people, but then you may want to prepare to find out about your relationship with them.
  5. Break down all containers and do not forget to look for crates. At entry-level ranks, you should scour the entire map and manually smash containers. By the way, be sure to put on your pet (Kubrow or Kavat) mod named Fetch – it works similarly to Vacuum at sentinels, that is, it sucks in all fallen items, so you do not have to run after them yourself and waste time.
  6. If you have warframes like Xaku or Limbo, you can create a resource farming build and use it. The idea is to destroy crates in large areas with their abilities. After breaking all of the nearby containers, you can simply run past them and pick up whatever is dropped. By the way, Limbo and Xaku can also be grafted with the Mag “Pull” ability (remember to install the Augmented Mod as well) by using the Helminth. When employing Pull, loot can be collected at a considerable distance, exceeding the collection radius of the sentinel or pet mods by a factor of two or more, saving even more time.
  7. For quality farming, it is recommended to use resource detection mods (e.g. Loot Detector, Thief’s Wit, Animal Instinct, etc.).
  8. Infested has larger numbers than other factions, which gives a better chance of getting a resource. Kill more enemies, get more loot – simple as that.
  9. You can increase the drop chance and the number of resources you get with resource boosters. Resource Drop Chance Booster or Resource Booster to be exact. They have a slightly different mechanism of operation. The former increases the chance of getting loot (more suitable for rare resources), while the latter increases the number of resources dropped, without affecting the probability.
  10. When using the Codex Scanner, you can see all containers within 50 meters.
  11. On Dark Sectors missions there is an increased chance of resources dropping. These missions are the best for farming Fieldron Samples.

Do I farm solo or as a team?

It does not matter if you are farming solo or with a team. It is a matter of taste. If you are a pumper player with a high Mastery Rank, you can take some strong warframes with area damage and grind seamlessly.

But if you are just a beginner or a gamer with an average account, it is better to find a pack of players. It is also better because the more members in the party, the higher the spawn rate, and thus the higher the loot.

Where do I get Fieldron Sample?

Fieldron Samples can be obtained from enemies, containers, and crates on missions in the drop zone of this resource. That is, on Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Europa, and Neptune planets.

Fieldron Samples can also be collected using Extractors if installed on the above planets. At least you will have the chance to do so – it is not a hundred percent, but it is still there. This method of farming Fieldron Samples is best used in conjunction with other methods.

Fieldron Samples, like many other resources in Waframe, can be given to the player as part of the Daily Tribute.

If you have a sentinel (Carrier, Dethcube, Diriga, Djinn, Helios, Nautilus, etc.) you can put a Spare Parts mod in it. This is an unusual upgrade that allows the sentinel to drop a resource with some chance after its death.


Fieldron Samples are needed to make Fieldron. For each Fieldron, the player needs 10 Fieldron Samples. We have looked at different ways to get them, so now you are less likely to have trouble crafting the weapons and warframes you need.

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