Lineage 2: Revolution class guide

Updated in January 2023

The mobile version of NCSoft’s Lineage 2 Revolution is a that has been extremely popular. Maintains the complex class system from its predecessors, allowing for personalized social groups based on your character’s race.

It’s essential to remember that your character’s race will impact the characteristics of the class you pick and approach certain things such as raiding, PvP (Player Vs. Player), or castle sieges.

In this Lineage 2 revolution class guide, we’ll cover each class and explain the abilities in detail below. However, the unique skills available to each category will not be covered here.

Best Classes in Lineage 2 Revolution

Race Attributes and Passive Abilities – when selecting your server, you will be prompted to choose a character and race. Every race embodies its unique advantages and disadvantages.

However, Gnomes tend to be the most underrated choice among players. Don’t let that fool you, though – they are impressive warriors with excellent attributes!


Though Dwarves don’t have much attack power, they make up for it with their high defense and hit points, making them appealing to new players.

Passive Skill: Dwarven Potential – The Dwarf is the only race with a more significant health pool than other races. This passive further enhances the Dwarf’s physical defense.

Name Ease of Levelling Dungeons Notes
Sage ★★★ ★★★★ The Sage is a versatile class with healing and low damage, but the ability to buff and survive makes it ideal for PvP and dungeons.
Battle Mage ★★★★★ ★★★★ Although the battlemage does a lot of damage, they are slow and have low health, making them great for leveling up characters and dungeon but hard to use in player-versus-player battles.
War Ranger ★★★★★ ★★★ Though they’re easy to level because of the severe damage at range, newer players will find them challenging to use effectively because of the low HP and lack of damage negation.
Scavenger ★★ ★★★★★ The Scavenger is slow to level character, but she may claim objectives and harass other players and mobs like no other class.
Slayer ★★★★ ★★★★ A skilled warrior with the ability to deal heavy damage and move swiftly.
Guardian ★★★ ★★ While being developmentally average, the Guardian can still control the area through knockdown effects, making them very effective in the PvP setting.

Dark Elf

The Dark Elf race shares some similarities with their Elven brethren; for example, they have fewer hit points. On the other hand, what they lack in numbers, they make up for in strength–they deal more damage than any other character type.

Passive Skill: Dark Elven Potential – The Dark Elf has a higher critical rate than the other races and, due to essential strikes of landing more frequently, may deal more significant damage.

Name Ease of Levelling Dungeons Notes
Shillien Elder ★★ ★★ Though they are frail and leveling them is a slow process, Shillien Elders make up for it in both support and damage-dealing potential. By utilizing offensive magic to siphon HP from foes and give it to their allies, they can quickly turn the tide of battle.
Spellhowler ★★★★ ★★★ The Spellhowler has a lot of power, and its debuffs can impact PvP in certain situations.
Phantom Ranger ★★★★ ★★★ The Phantom Ranger’s heavy piercing damage is excellent for taking down enemies in dungeons, but it also leaves the Ranger vulnerable to attack. With low health, the Ranger can be taken out quickly in player vs. player combat.
Abyss Walker ★★★★ ★★★★ The Abyss Walker deals large amounts of damage in quick succession but has little health to show for it. This playstyle requires more from the player in terms of items and attention, which some might find difficult or tedious.
Bladedancer ★★★★ ★★★★ The Blade Dancer is a mighty class, but even more attention and skill are needed to play it effectively than the Abyss Walker.
Shillien Knight ★★★★ ★★★ With great strength and high HP, Shillien Knights are perfect for leveling up and PvP. However, without proper healing abilities, they can be challenging to use in dungeons with groups that aren’t already set up beforehand.


The Elves make up for their lack of hit points with high evasion and a prominent MP pool, making them ideal for ranged or magic combat. Their passive skills give them a natural affinity for this fighting, making them perfect for those who prefer it.

Passive Skill: Elven Potential – With this passive, Elves have a higher chance of dodging enemy attacks, and they also move faster and deal more damage with magic attacks. This makes Elves good choices for caster classes but also tough to kill.

Name Ease of Levelling Dungeons Notes
Elder ★★ ★★ Although they level slowly and are easy to kill, Elders excel as support healers during PvP encounters, so they should be placed in this role whenever possible.
Spellsinger ★★★ ★★★★★ Although the Spellsinger is very slow to level up, they make up for it in excel with Area of Effect attacks. This means they’re great at crowd control and managing large areas in dungeons and PvP settings.
Silver Ranger ★★★★★ ★★★ The Silver Ranger has a high range and strong attack, making it ideal for grinding, but a lack of control makes it ineffective in PvP and dungeons.
Plains Walker ★★★ ★★★★ The Plains Walkers’ lower armor ratings make them less effective in many fights. In dungeons and PvP, their fast and consequential damage dealing and ability to buff and debuff them make them perfect.
Swordsinger ★★★★ ★★★★ Although the Swordsinger boasts good dungeon damage and leveled abilities, it falls somewhat short in one-on-one Player vs. Player battles compared to other specialized classes.
Temple Knight ★★ ★★★ The Temple Knight’s ability to delay or negate damage is great for PvP, but it doesn’t help much when leveling up characters or doing dungeons, making it tough to recommend the class for either purpose.


Humans are incredibly versatile, which means they can handle almost any situation. However, this also means they don’t have any particular strengths until they reach their first class change.

Passive Skill: Human Potential – Although this passive may not look like much, it gives Humans more resistance to acute attacks than other races and provides them with a natural physical attack bonus.

However, because Mystics or its branching class paths on magical spells, they won’t get as much use out of this racial trait.

Name Ease of Levelling Dungeons Notes
Hawkeye ★★★★★ ★★ Hawkeye isn’t great in one-on-one fights, but his critical strike is ideal when used as part of a group to inflict the final blow or harass giant monsters.
Sorcerer ★★★★ ★★★★ If you’re looking for a high-damage dealer in PvE, the Sorcerer is ideal; however, remember that other players will be targeting you more often than not. In PvP situations, the Sorcerer can still be helpful with proper support from tanks and healers; otherwise, it’s difficult to recommend as the leading role.
Treasure Hunter ★★★ ★★★★ The Treasure Hunter is quick and challenging to catch, making him a good choice for leveling up and PvP when teamed with a tank. He may not have high health or powerful attacks, but his ability to run away quickly makes kiting much easier in dungeons.
Warlord ★★★★ ★★★ With how much damage he can deliver, the Warlord has the considerable ability. Unfortunately, he’s an undesirable pick for dungeons due to his inability to heal, and he’s highly successful when equipped with good PvP support.
Bishop ★★ ★★ Bishop is a support class. While his assault isn’t anything to write home about, a Bishop may almost be the basic unit in the game when used in Fortress Siege.
Paladin ★★★★ ★★★★ The Paladin is a well-rounded character with good stats for both attacking and defending. He also has considerable skills mainly used to control the enemy, making him great to use in dungeons.

How do heroes behave in PvP and PvE

Heroes in PvP:

Fine Average Weakly
Guardian of the abyss Knight Shilen (relatively weak) Sage Shilen
Elder Pathfinder Battle Ranger
General Shooter (but good in massive PvP) Bishop
Silver knight Knight eve Sage
Paladin Treasure hunter Fire lord
Spell singer Minstrel Battle Mage
Killer Collector
Guardian Death Dancer (relatively strong)
Windcaster (relatively strong)

Heroes in PvE:

One of the best Good Average
Wind spell Shooter Bishop
Guardian of the abyss General Fire lord
Death dancer Paladin Treasure hunter
Elder Battle Ranger
Silver Ranger Collector
Pathfinder Sage Shilen
Minstrel Knight eve
Battle Mage

Base Classes Lineage 2 revolution

There are 3 base classes in Lineage 2 Revolution.


The purpose of this class is to embrace the mystical arts. The Mystic specializes in ranged, magic combat, and shooting spells at opponents from a distance while kiting across the field. This is the first class to do so for those interested in branching out into a Healing class.

Active Skills
  1. Energy Bolt: (Staff) A barrage of blows capable of severely injuring an opponent at medium range. This Mystic ability is only available to Humans.
  2. Flame Strike: (Staff) A magic attack that is performable at close range and can knock an enemy down. It works well against opponents who come too close for comfort, giving the Mystic space to retreat in PvP or PvE scenarios.
  3. Wind Strike: (Staff) A magic attack that harms enemies a row in the row. Ideal for destroying a group of foes while touring the open world or grinding in one of Lineage II Revolution’s dungeons.
Passive Skills
  1. Mystic Weapon Mastery: By increasing this skill, the Mystic will cause more damage when attacking with a Staff weapon.
  2. Cloth Mastery: The Mystic’s attack power will increase for every piece of Cloth armor equipped, allowing the class to deal more damage upon transferring to another one of the four healing classes available in Lineage II Revolution.


The Rogue class is quick on their feet and excels at dealing damage quickly with the Bow or Dagger.

This branch of the rogue class splits off into two options, comparable to those of the Warrior and Mystic, but it provides a ranged (archer) or melees DPS alternative based on the chosen road.

Active Skills
  1. Mortal blow: (Dagger) A powerful strike that serves as a knockdown, allowing the Rogue to recuperate or pre-position themselves for the next assault.
  2. Power Thrust: (Dagger) The Chain is a gap closer that delivers a quick stun. It’s especially effective in PvP arena or open-world PvP combat. This assault gives the Rogue another chance to recuperate while fighting either in PvP or PvE (Player Vs. Everyone) combat.
  3. Power Shot: (Bow) A unique bow skill that causes a foe to fall. The ranged Rogue may use this skill to outrange and distance themselves from their target.
  4. Double Shot: (Bow) A powerful ranged attack shoots two arrows straight at the enemy.
Passive Skills
  1. Rogue Weapon Mastery: If the Rogue has this skill upgraded, they will get a more significant attack boost when using either a Dagger or Bow.
  2. Light Armor Proficiency: The Rogue’s evades a percentage improves rating for each piece of Light Armor worn.


The Warrior class is an all-around solid tanking and melee DPS class specializing in Heavy Armor. With a naturally high defense, Warriors are perfect for taking hits on the front line and for less skilled players of area attacks.

Players can branch their Warrior off into one of several Tank or melee damage per second class.

Active Skills
  1. Power Strike: (Best used with Sword and Shield, Spear, or Dual Swords) The Warrior’s powerful assault will send the opponent flying and allow the Warrior to take a more advantageous posture in battle.
  2. Rush impact: (Sword & Shield, Spear, Dual Swords) This move helps melee classes catch up to their opponents, especially in PvP or open-world PvP combat.
    The Warrior class in Lineage II Revolution has no unique active abilities.
Passive Skills
  1. Warrior Weapon Proficiency: This skill improves the Warrior’s attack when they equip Sword and Shield, Spear, or Dual Swords.
  2. Heavy Armor Proficiency: A percentage reduction in damage taken is given for each piece of Heavy Armor worn by the Warrior.

Specialized Classes Lineage 2 revolution

Players can explore a variety of paths with Specialized Classes, allowing for greater playstyle and party composition diversification.

These unusual classes may be acquired at level 31 and require a sequence of class change quests to complete, and new active and passive abilities will be unlocked upon completion.


Players and guilds will always need tanks in their parties to progress through late-game content. Tanks are essential for large-scale raids or PvE and can equip heavy armor and a sword & shield to protect their allies.

Players who started as Warriors can pick one of four tanking classes at level 31 by completing class change quests.

Guardian (Dwarf)

Active Skills:

  1. Thrust: (Sword and Shield) A malignant swing knocks down and smites enemies.
  2. Earthquake: (Sword and Shield) A shield attack thrusts the earth, knocking down the targets within the radius and lowering their attacking power. It’s beneficial for crowd management.

Passive Skills:

  1. Lucky Dexterity: This skill allows the Guardian to use any skill twice in a row and recover some HP when the skill is activated. This passive has a cooldown of 15 seconds, making it both valuable and unique.
  2. Extreme Parry: Shield defense, power, and success chance are increased by this item.
  3. Ultimate Hate: This weapon increases the damage you deal, reduces the damage you receive, and provokes enemies to attack you.
  4. Defense Aura: The player or party members within the same area are automatically bolstered.
Shillien Knight (Dark Elf)

Active Skills:

  1. Life Leech: (Sword and Shield) Swings the weapon in a wide arc to leech a percentage of the opponent’s HP while lowering their defense.
  2. Chain Hydra: (Sword and Shield) You may use this ability to pull the target towards you, stunning them and compelling them to attack you.
  3. Ultimate Defense: (Sword and Shield) The Defense System is a defensive buff that boosts defense and reduces the opponent’s attack speed.

Passive Skills:

  1. Enhanced Drain: This passive has a 15% chance of appearing when you attack, providing an HP absorption buff. This also allows for life-steal based on the damage done to enemies.
  2. Ultimate Hate: The downside to this effect is that it only reduces magic damage dealt by 40%.
  3. Defense Aura: Automatically increases the defense of party members who are nearby.
Paladin (Human)

Active Skills:

  1. Slam: (Sword and Shield) move swings the weapon in a wide arc, causing damage, knocking down foes, and provoking them.
  2. Vengeance: (Sword and Shield) a short-ranged incite. Enemies who are hit are uncontrollable for 8 seconds and can’t use abilities.
  3. Majesty: (Sword and Shield) The Paladin’s physical defense is increased, and they reflect some of the damage taken.

Passive Skills:

  1. Defense Aura: Adds increased protection for you and your allies in the same area.
  2. Righteous Fury: The bonus effect of the weapon increases damage dealt, decreases damage taken, and raises natural enmity (or hatred).
Temple Knight (Elf)

Active Skills:

  1. Tribunal: (Sword and Shield) This is used to pull the target closer, stunning them and forcing them to attack you.
  2. Eva’s Grace: (Sword and Shield) The acid will reduce the defense and natural healing of those who stand in it and create damage over time that also reduces these abilities.
  3. Aegis Stance: (Sword and Shield) For a short time, become stronger and faster.

Passive Skills:

  1. Parry Mastery: This product increases your shield defense rate, base defense, and power. You also have a chance to slightly reduce the amount of damage you take.Ultimate Hate: The player becomes more resistant to damage and simultaneously deals more damage, provoking enemies.
  2. Defense Aura: The player and any party members in the same area as the player will have their defense increased.


The Revolution in Lineage II offers healing classes and provides a variety of therapeutic programs and one-of-a-kind cure options like raw or “pure” healing. While each medical professional specializes in their form of treatment, all are good choices for PvE content.

The Healer is primarily regarded as a “support” class because of their importance, if not necessity, for PvP and late-game Raid encounters.

If you started as a Mystic and completed the required sequence of class change missions by level 31, you’ll have the option to choose one of the four healing classes below.

Sage (Dwarf)

Active Skills:

  1. Divine Clap: (Staff) Xanos’ end-of-game cinematic. He destroys the planet using his staff, dealing damage and stunning opponents within a 2.5-second radius.
  2. Divine Protection: (Staff) This skill regenerates your and your party members’ HP. This is similar to the Elven Elder’s Restoration, which also acts as a regeneration rather than an outright heal.
  3. Great Vitality: (Staff) This augment increases the maximum HP of you and your party members.

Passive Skills:

  1. Fortify: This item increases the HP regen of you and your allies.
  2. Lucky Pure Heal: This item has a chance to recover HP for you and your party members when you are attacked.
  3. Boost HP: HP Boost is a skill that increases the maximum HP of you and your party members in an area.
Shillien Elder (Dark Elf)

Active Skills:

  1. Vampiric Touch: (Staff) A party-stealing attack that restores not just the user but also their allies. The amount of healing given to members with low health is more significant.
  2. Bloody Rage: (Staff) Blasts foes with a dark element aspected shockwave that deals a large amount of damage and slows them down.
  3. Empower: (Staff) This spell will increase the magic attack of you and your allies.

Passive Skills:

  1. Graceful Mind: This elixir increases the HP absorption rate of you and your party members.
  2. Boost HP: This spell increases the maximum HP of you and your party members in the area.
Bishop (Human)

Active Skills:

  1. Divine Punishment: (Staff) A blast of holy energy knocks down all foes in the area.
  2. Major Heal: (Staff) This move will heal you and any party members near you, restoring a large amount of HP.

Passive Skills:

  1. Divine Link: This skill increases the defense of your party members depending on the number of party members within your group. The more people in your group, the higher the defensive will be.
  2. Mana Shield: By taking damage, a portion of your Mana will deplete instead of health, giving the player an extra layer of protection and increasing the likelihood of survival.
  3. Boost HP: Boosts the maximum HP of you and your allies in the area.
Elder (Elf)

Active Skills:

  1. Holy Fire: (Staff) You can use a Pillar of Holy Flame to damage foes while increasing the amount of harm they take for a short time.
  2. Restoration: (Staff) This class’ skillset contains a regeneration effect that heals you and your party members over time.This is not a fast cure, so be sure you’re making the right decision!
  3. Mental Refresh: (Staff) Increasing the damage of Caltrops and increasing their number will cause these wonder items to be used less frequently. They decrease skill cooldowns for the user and their party members when utilized.
  4. Follow defense: (Staff)You and your party members will be more resilient.

Passive Skills:

  1. Elven Evasion: The character will be able to avoid attacks more frequently.
  2. Boost HP: This text increases the maximum HP of you and any party members near you.

Melee DPS

Several melee DPS classes are divided according to the type of armor they wear. Heavy armor DPS can take more damage than light armor DPS, but they’re not as mobile. One of the heavy armor DPS classes may be ideal if you want to deal a lot of damage while not using healing potions.

The Bladedancer and Sword Singer are good choices for those who wish to specialize in damages and provide parties with status-boosting buffs.

Players who began as a Warrior or Rogue and are level 31 will be able to pick from below which Melee DPS class they want, depending on the quest series completed for that class.

Slayer (Dwarf – Heavy Armor)

Active Skills:

  1. Power Smash: (Dual Swords, Spear) This attack damages enemies within a specific area in front of the user.
  2. Leap Attack: (Dual Swords, Spear) Jumps to target and knocks down nearby enemies, briefly stunning them. A can also be used to close the distance between you and your opponent or to disarm them.
  3. Angry Dwarf: (Dual Swords, Spear) A Dwarf Slayer believes in your endowment for self-defense. Rather than focusing on defending, concentrate on attacking. The iconic skill of a Dwarf Slayer is Angry Dwarf, which grants you a significant boost to your attack rating.

Passive Skills:

  1. Lush Impact: Has a 10% chance to increase attack power by X amount for 6 seconds when attacking.
  2. Lucky Berserker: He has a chance to apply an attacking buff that boosts the attack speed of you and your party members while fighting.
  3. Force Mastery: When holding a spear or polearm, your attack power is increased. This passive should be leveled up and equipped with a polearm for this class.
  4. Attack Aura: The number of Storm Guard weapons increases from the original four.
Abyss Walker (Dark Elf – Light Armor)

Active Skills:

  1. Sting: (Dagger) This attack damages enemies before you, causing them to bleed. A portion of the damage bypasses the enemy’s defense.
  2. Razor Rain: (Dagger) Dashing at a target generates an electric arc that erupts with concussive force, stunning and damaging any foes in its path. This area-of-effect ability can incapacitate several targets simultaneously while inflicting a bleeding debuff on many opponents.
  3. Vicious Stance: (Dagger) Temporarily boosts critical damage and increases critical hit chance for 4 seconds.

Passive Skills:

  1. Seek Blood: When attacking an enemy with less than 50% HP, your target’s defense and critical resistance are reduced, making them more likely to succumb to a critical hit.
  2. Critical Power: The Abyss Walker’s passive abilities work well with this active, dealing increased damage to bleeding foes and boosting attack power.
  3. Quickstep: Grants a movement speed bonus to you and up to five other party members.
Sword Singer (Elf – Heavy Armor)

Active Skills:

  1. Sonic Blaster: (Dual Swords, Spear) The Paladin’s ranged attack is its double-edged sword aura, which fires forward to damage distant foes and provides a ranged assault for this otherwise melee-oriented category.
  2. Sonic Storm: (Dual Swords, Spear) Fires a sword aura forward that damages and knocks down enemies, with an explosion at the end.
  3. Song of Vitality: (Dual Swords, Spear) You and your party members’ maximum health is boosted. The boost lasts for 40 seconds and gives a uniform physical attack increase.
  4. Song of the Hunter: (Dual Swords, Spear) Wearing the +15 Trait of Warlock’s Ancient Gear increases your critical hit rate and that of your party members. This buff, like Song of Vitality, only lasts 40 seconds.

Passive Skills:

  1. Esprit: When attacking, there’s a 10% chance of boosting the critical rate.
  2. Dual Weapon Mastery: When dual swords are equipped, the Baekdo increases attack power. This is the weapon of choice for the Elven Swordsinger since it improves attack power when using two blades.
  3. Attack Aura: 3 of them will contain many strong people who can assist you in your search for treasure.
Plains Walker (Elf – Light Armor)

Active Skills:

  1. Triple Splinter: (Dagger) This attack quickly strikes three times, dealing massive damage and slowing the speed of affected enemies. Additionally, it decreases their defense and attack speed.
  2. Blade Hurricane: (Dagger) This attack damages and stuns all enemies in front of the user.
  3. Planeswalk: (Dagger) This skill not only quickens your attacks and movement but also saps the HP of your enemies.

Passive Skills:

  1. Rapid Anger: The more hits you land, your attack and movement speed become quicker. Though, if you go a few seconds without attacking, the buff disappears.
  2. Critical Chance: Critical chance increases.
  3. Quickstep: You and your party members in the vicinity get a movement speed boost.
Bladedancer (Dark Elf – Heavy Armor)

Active Skills:

  1. Spinning Slasher: (Dual Swords, Spear)Slashes the weapon in a wide arc, damaging and stunning any enemies within range.
  2. Hurricane Storm: (Dual Swords, Spear) Spin with the bludgeoner to strike and slow surrounding foes. The Dark Elven Bladedancer may also move while utilizing this ability.
  3. Dance of the Warrior: (Dual Swords, Spear) This move buff’s your party members’ physical attack for 40 seconds by giving them a flat boost.
  4. Dance of Fury: (Dual Swords, Spear) Buffs the attack speed of you and your party members for 40 seconds, similar to Dance of the Warrior.

Passive Skills

  1. Fiver: Every time a player attacks, there is a 10% chance to receive a buff that improves their physical attack.
  2. Dual Weapon Mastery: Zweihander is an excellent pair with other dAe blades. When dual-wielded, this weapon’s attack power increases, making it ideal for the Dark Elven Bladedancer.
  3. Attack Aura: This bolsters your attack power and the strength of those around you.
Treasure Hunter (Human – Light Armor)

Active Skills:

  1. Sand Cloud: (Dagger) Dirt sprays in front of you, obscuring the vision of affected individuals and lowering their accuracy. This skill has a 35% accuracy debuff that lasts 10 seconds and affects everyone within 50 meters.
  2. Back Stab: (Dagger) The Treasure Hunter’s teleport attack damages and stuns the surrounding enemies, serving as a great way to control the crowd and reposition during combat.
  3. Haste: (Dagger) A buff that lasts 15 seconds increases the attack speed and evasion for a short period for the Treasure Hunter.

Passive Skills:

  1. Sneak: This ring provides a 10% chance to reduce skill cooldowns and increase your attack power when you successfully evade an attack.
  2. Improve Critical: Passive skills that increase your critical chance and damage should be a priority when upgrading your character.
  3. Quickstep: provides a movement speed buff to you and any party members nearby, allowing for increased traveling velocity.
Scavenger (Dwarf – Light Armor)

Active Skills:

  1. Blade Rush: (Dagger) The charge damages and weakens enemies, making them more susceptible to follow-up attacks.
  2. Sonic Star: (Dagger) This attack quickly moves in a pentagram shape while attacking enemies. This attack will reduce enemies’ speed and prevent them from using skills for a brief moment.
  3. Adena Search: (Dagger) When you’re battling, learn more about Adena. Speed and poisoned and slowed opponents.

Passive Skills:

  1. Lucky Fatality: The chance of landing a critical hit increases when attacking foes with slower movement speeds. This skill damages attacks that are successful against enemies who have worsened mobility.
  2. Esprit: Critical chance increases.
  3. Quickstep: Party members who are nearby gain a speed boost.
Warlord (Human – Heavy Armor)

Active Skills:

  1. The Judgement: (Dual Swords, Spear) uses your dual swords or spear to swing in a large arc, damaging and knocking down any enemies nearby.
  2. Thunder Storm: (Dual Swords, Spear) Lightning Fury is a Warhorn skill that creates a bolt of lightning that damages and stuns surrounding foes by violently thrusting your weapon into the ground.
  3. Broad Sweep: (Dual Swords, Spear) For 15 seconds, your attack speed will be swifter, and you’ll hit more adversaries with your weapon attacks.

Passive Skills:

  1. Revenge: When attacking, players have a 10% chance of gaining a buff that strengthens their physical attack.
  2. Force Mastery: This improves a character’s attack power using a spear or polearm. If you want to primarily use this sort of weapon, it would be worth your time to improve this skill.
  3. Attack Aura: This power-up increases the attack strength for you and anyone else close by who is also playing.

Ranged DPS

In Lineage II Revolution, there are two types of Ranged DPS – physical and magical. Players wishing to become physically ranged DPS or archers should select the Rogue starting class.

If someone is more interested in playing as a magical DPS, they should choose Mystic as their starting class. Although they have their unique talents, both Ranged DPS classes are more than capable of unleashing devastating attacks.

If you started as a Rogue or Mystic at level 31, you’d be able to pick one of the classes below after completing a series of class change quests.

Battle Mage (Dwarf – Cloth Armor / Magic)

Active Skills:

  1. Earth Spike: (Staff) The Battle Mage violently erects a stone pillar to deal damage and bring down enemies within the radius. This is the Battle Mage’s knockdown ability.
  2. Tri-Shard: (Staff) This attack launches shards of the earth in three directions, piercing and damaging enemies.
  3. Infighter: To strengthen your party’s basic attacks, recall old memories.

Passive Skills:

  1. Aggression: When a critical attack lands, it has a possibility of generating an effect that enhances attack power.
  2. Lucky Defense: Catastrophic Flakes have the potential to improve your and your party’s defense if a strong attack lands.
  3. Death Whisper: This skill increases the amount of damage dealt by you and your party members within the area.
Phantom Ranger (Dark Elf – Light Armor / Physical)

Active Skills:

  1. Death Sting: (Bow) This skill allows you to shoot an arrow that pierces through enemies and deals heavy damage. It’s a great training move that can deal significant destruction to multiple foes simultaneously, especially if they are standing in a line.
  2. Stun Shot: (Bow) This move temporarily disables enemies for 3 seconds while also dealing damage.
  3. Rapid Fire: (Bow) A creature’s attack speed and range are negatively correlated.
  4. Fatal Counter: (Bow) Focuses on offense instead of evasion, which significantly amplifies attacking power.

Passive Skills:

  1. Critical Sign: This passive gives you a 10% chance to increase your accuracy when attacking.
  2. Guidance: When you and your party members are in the area.
Sorcerer (Human – Cloth Armor / Magic)

Active Skills:

  1. Molten Bowl: (Staff) The Sorcerer flings a blazing sphere that effortlessly tears through foes and then explodes upon reaching the end of its path.
  2. Volcano: (Staff) The Sorcerer creates a towering pillar of Fire that damages nearby foes. The skill can strike the enemies five times in rapid succession, but it is not a damage-over-time ability. To receive the total amount of harm, opponents must remain in the position where the skill was initially activated.
  3. Boost Mana: (Staff) The Sorcerer awakens the party’s magical potential, increasing everyone’s maximum MP.

Passive Skills:

  1. Blaze: With this 10% chance, your attack power could rise for a set amount of time during 6 seconds while you’re attacking an enemy.
  2. Death Whisper: This skill increases the damage you and your party members deal in the area.
Silver Ranger (Elf – Light Armor / Physical)

Active Skills:

  1. Lethal Shot: (Bow) The Elf Silver Ranger shoots out a sharp, piercing arrow that causes damage and stunning its targets. If you can hit numerous foes with this skill, they will be stunned for two seconds.
  2. Double Wide Shot: (Bow) Fires two arrow-shaped energy bolts that do damage to targets as they go through. If the attackers are lined up in a single file, the skill will hit foes standing behind the intended target.
  3. Mind’s Eye: (Bow) Critical hit rate is drastically enhanced.
  4. Double Quick Step: (Bow) This action will increase the rate of attacks and movement.

Passive Skills:

  1. Swift: This grants you a chance to increase your movement speed by 20% for 6 seconds when attacking. There is a 10% chance of this happening.
  2. Guidance: Gives you and your party members an accuracy buff while in the area.
Hawkeye (Human – Light Armor / Physical)

Active Skills:

  1. Multiple Shot: (Bow) The Human Hawkeye’s iconic ability is to hurl his wrist-mounted crossbow containing piercing arrows in a cone, causing damage and knocking down opponents. This is your only crowd control option as the Human Hawkeye.
  2. Arrow Rain: (Bow) Showers arrows in a circle, dealing continuous damage to foes within the radius. It’s a damage-over-time skill that relies on enemies in the area of effect to receive damage.
  3. Snipe: (Bow) The Ninja can already cast Shadow Clones to duplicate himself, but now you’re adding a second version of him capable of doing some damage.
  4. Hawkeye: (Bow) Enemies, beware! This move activates Hawkeye, who will deal increased damage and critical hits.

Passive Skills:

  1. Enhanced Slow: When attacking, Hawkeye can stifle the enemy’s advance. The 20% slowing effect helps you survive longer by allowing you to kite foes more effectively.
  2. Guidance: This buff increases the accuracy of you and your party members when nearby.
Spellhowler (Dark Elf – Cloth Armor / Magic)

Active Skills:

  1. Dark Breath: (Staff) Deal damage to enemies with dark element flames. You may alter the course of the spell while casting it. The targetted enemy is subjected to a continuous seven-hit assault from this attack.
  2. Corruption: (Staff) This is an ability that creates a damaging area on the ground, decreasing enemy defense and speed. It consists of five hits delivered in quick succession.
  3. Fatal Wisdom: (Staff) For 15 seconds, your magic attack will be considerably higher.

Passive Skills:

  1. Fiver: You have a chance to deal more critical damage when attacking.
  2. Wizard Light Heal: While shooting, you have a 10% chance to heal yourself for a small amount of HP.
  3. Death Whisper: This skill gives you and your party members a damage buff in the area.
War Ranger (Dwarf – Light Armor / Physical)

Active Skills:

  1. Burst Shot: (Bow) Bombshell fires an arrow with a fire element that explodes on impact to deal damage and knock down enemies for a brief duration.
  2. Evasion Shot: (Bow) After taking three steps back, he shoots three arrows that explode on impact to damage and hamper foes. This assault is ideal for putting some distance between yourself and PvE or PvP targets.
  3. Mind’s Eye: (Bow) This item dramatically increases your chance of scoring a critical hit.
  4. Double Quick Step: (Bow) Allows you to increase your attack and movement speed.

Passive Skills:

  1. Acrobatics: Increase the duration to boost your evasion rate and attack speed.
  2. Lucky Quick Step: If a direct attack hits, there is a chance the enemy will be stunned and have their attack power decreased.
  3. Guidance: When near this object, you and your party members gain an accuracy buff.
Spellsinger (Elf – Cloth Armor / Magic)

Active Skills:

  1. Ice Spear: (Staff) The Spellsinger shoots an ice spear forward to significantly damage and slow down targets.
  2. Blizzard: (Staff) The Spellsinger’s power comes from the blizzard they control. Attack your enemies with it to damage, slow, and stun them.

Passive Skills:

  1. Wizard Light Heal: When attacking, there is a slight chance for your HP to regenerate. Your character has a 10% chance of restoring a fixed amount of health when striking.
  2. Frost Power: When attacking enemies slowed by a debuff, there is a chance to gain an attack buff.
  3. Death Whisper: Critical Damage Buff: You and your party members in the area are granted a critical damage buff.


Lineage 2 revolution is an MMORPG with many different class options. Each of these classes has its strengths and weaknesses, and it can be challenging to decide which one to choose.

In order to help you make a decision about which class is right for you, we have outlined the basics of each one. Good luck on your journey through the Lineage 2 revolution!

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