Super Mario Bros. – the birth of a legend

The role and influence of the legendary, truly iconic game Super Mario from the distant 80’s of the 20th century can be compared only with the influence of the British group Beatles on pop music. Recognizable plumber Mario from the Bronx is still considered a must-have graphic content for photo banks – commercial, not free content.

Super Mario Bros. game was invented and created by the Japanese company Nintendo, which in those old days was unknown video game developer, vainly trying to succeed in this difficult market.

The character was created by a Japanese developer, and the name of the character was found accidentally, as they say – Providence itself suggested it. Enthusiastic about the work on the new game, Nintendo employees forgot to pay the rent and the angry landlord showed up in person to get his money.

At first young artists and programmers laughed at the hapless landlord, tilting his name Mario in every way. But then someone suggested to use this name for the main character of the game.

The game plot is simple and quite traditional. A young Italian plumber sets out to rescue his girlfriend in the Kingdom of Mushrooms, where danger and adventure await him at every corner.

Previously each game achievement required from the gamer more and more effort and stress. The innovation of Super Mario Bros. was focus on fun and easy entertainment, rather than on achievements at all costs.

Another innovation is the full-fledged musical accompaniment. Earlier in the games there was some wispy one-voiced motifs which sounded rather primitive.

Later Super Mario Bros. became so popular that in Italy in one of the cities all the streets were renamed after the characters of the game.

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