Super Mario World – Mario Saves the Dinosaur Land

After the overwhelming success of the innovative game Super Mario Bros. the developers decided to forge money while the demand is hot and released a new version called Super Mario World.

In this series the Mario brothers set out to save the mysterious and beautiful, but threatened Dinosaur Land.

The plucky plumbers have to complete seven worlds and defeat a local boss in each of them.

As is common in this gameplay, the Italian brothers overcome all obstacles and defeat powerful and vicious opponents to rhythmic Japanese music with great ease and facility.

A funny dinosaur named Yoshi, who has become Mario’s faithful companion and helper for the next series, appears here for the first time.

The Super Mario World game was met with a bang by both users and critics.

The sales numbers have shown that Super Mario World has become the best-selling game on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, aside from moving to the alternative gaming platforms.

Over the next several generations the video game Super Mario World was included in the annual hit compilation.

There are two screens in this game – a schematic map of the Dinosaur Land (for general orientation) and the main screen of the game, on which Mario or his brother (depending on the gamer’s choice) travels astride their new dinosaur friend and defeat different villains of all stripes, conquer castles, grab prizes and treasures.

As an innovation a multiplayer mode has been added in which two players can manipulate Mario and his brother Luigi simultaneously.

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