Super Mario Sunshine – Sunshine Island Adventure

In 1996 Nintendo developers presented another version of the plumber Mario and his friends adventures. Now in 3D for the Nintendo GameCube portable console.

This is a three-dimensional platformer, i.e. you have to jump up stairs and jump from a platform to platform in the 3D Universe.

Besides 3D, Super Mario Sunshine is one of the rare Mario games that has a consistent storyline.

The game became so beloved by the gamers that it was re-release and adapted for the new platforms and consoles in 2003 and 2020.

The plot involves running and jumping, underwater swimming, flooding and pumping out water from the premises using the FLUDD water robot.

To end the game Mario has to collect 120 stars located at different game levels. And if you manage to find a treasure with the coins, you can exchange them for the stars and speed up the path to the victory.

According to the plot the game takes place in an exotic resort on the tropical Delfino island (the island has the shape of a dolphin).

The plot begins with the fact that Mario, together with his friend Princess Peach, arrive on the island in order to relax, sunbathe, and swim in the warm sea.

However, it turns out that a catastrophe occurred on the island: energy sources were destroyed and the resort froze, plunged into the darkness.

Adventures in classic Hollywood style await Mario. While trying to clear the island and save the resort, Mario falls under police suspicion and is arrested.

Now Mario, by a court decision, will not only have to clear the island, but also find the true culprit in order to save his tarnished reputation.

The task is complicated by the fact that the villain is disguised as Mario and even received the nickname “shadow Mario”.

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