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Updated in January 2023

The best Gaming Recliners are a popular piece of interior design and a comfortable place to relax. The unique design reduces strain on the back, relaxing muscles and eliminating posture problems. With various designs, you can find a model that fits both in the office and at home. Here are the TOP-10 Gaming Chairs in terms of value for money.

Let’s find the best Gaming Chair!

1. Homall High Back Reclining Gaming Chair

The winner of our TOP is the Homall High Back Reclining Gaming Chair. Deserved first place. This Chair is an example of a good level of quality at a reasonable and affordable price. The model is notable for its original design and durability. A distinct advantage is the ability to swivel the wheels 360 degrees, and you can also Recline the backrest by 180 degrees.

  • A wide variety of colors to choose from;
  • Quality PU leather – it is pretty breathable and durable;
  • Gas spring class 3 installed here is sufficiently robust, although not first class. Able to support up to 300lbs.
  • Some Homall High Back Reclining Gaming Chairs can have a defect where the back of the Chair tilts;
  • The armrests are secured with just one bolt, so they can be accidentally pulled off if you apply too much pressure;
  • Some people may find the Chair uncomfortable because of its specific shape. Continuous prolonged sitting (8 hours or more) may cause tailbone and back pain.

2. Respawn 110 Racing Style Reclining Gaming Chair

Following the Homall High Back Reclining Gaming Chair is the Respawn 110 Racing Style Reclining Gaming Chair. It comes second in our ranking today. It is a Gaming Chair with a large color variation and bold design. Made in racecar style and offers a high level of comfort. The main material is polycarbonate. The Chair has two versions: 2019 and 2021. They do not have many differences other than the fact that the 2021 format Chair has been worked on some bugs, and the overall quality of the product has been improved.

  • Good ergonomics – segmented padded sedated to give highly contoured support when you need it most;
  • A footrest is available, so you can Recline on this Chair at any time and have a good rest;
  • Nice gas spring class 3 with a load capacity of up to 275lbs.
  • Sometimes the Respawn 110 Racing Style Reclining Gaming Chair will sag under the pressure of the body. This does not happen immediately but over time.

3. Big Joe Dorm Chair

The first upholstered pouf Recliner in our TOP. It ranks third on our today’s list. Big Joe Dorm Chair is an example of a really cool console gaming Chair. Yes, you are unlikely to be able to play comfortably on a PC, but if you are looking to lurch around with a gamepad in your hands and bend your opponents over in a video game, it is a great option. This Chair has six color options available – Grey, Radiant Orchid, Red, Sapphire Blue, Spicy Lime, and Stretch Limo Black. This Big Joe Dorm model also has a two-tone color option, so you are sure to be able to fit this Chair into your interior.

  • The Big Joe Dorm Chair is a very comfortable piece. Polystyrene perfectly knows how to remember the human body shape, so you will always feel comfortable while sitting on this kind of pouf;
  • The material is hard-wearing – thanks to the SmartMax innovation, you can easily clean the Chair if it gets dirty, e.g., if you spill something or drop it;
  • Each Big Joe Dorm Chair fills with beans strictly in accordance with all the regulations. There is no such thing as fewer beans in one pouf and more in another.
  • The padding in the Chair can become sagging over time, causing the product to squeeze and stop molding to the shape of the wearer’s body;
  • Big Joe Dorm Chair sometimes begins to pull apart at the seams – this does not happen very often, but you should keep this fact in mind. The product should be handled with care.

Despite the generally satisfactory quality of the Big Joe Dorm Chair, its main problem is the seams. This is something to keep in mind when buying.

4. ZJWD Massage Reclining Chair with PU Leather Padded Seat

Fourth place in our ranking. What could be better than getting a relaxing massage while you play? If you agree, the ZJWD Massage Reclining Chair with PU Leather Padded Seat is perfect for you. It is a monolithic Chair that is best suited for console gaming. You are unlikely to play comfortably on a PC due to the low seating position of the product, but for relaxation with a gamepad, it is optimal. The ZJWD Massage Reclining Chair is available in several colors: Blue, Black, Brown, Fabric Beige, Grey, and Red. The Chair also has a footrest.

  • The ZJWD Massage Reclining Chair is very easy to set up – it only takes you two to five minutes to put it together before you can start using it;
  • Massage mode includes eight options of different intensities. You can set it on low power to let the Chair gently massage your back while you are busy racking up fractions and making the leaderboard in your favorite game, or high power to give your back a real workout after a tough game;
  • The size of this Chair may seem very small to some. If your height is 5’4″ and up, the local footrest will be about calves tall;
  • The Reclining mechanism works very peculiarly here – if you Recline completely in the Chair, you will be almost completely locked in one position, and you will not be able to move around much;
  • Although the ZJWD Massage Reclining Chair has a heating function, some users might not find it very effective. The ZJWD Massage Reclining Chair has eight different modes of operation, and so do the massagers.

5. Mavix M5

So we have reached the middle. This is where the Mavix M5 chair sits. Mavix produces similar Recliners with an easily adjustable yet visually minimalist design. The Mavix M5 is an entry-level Gaming Chair, and it is attractive, ergonomic, and does not have much in the way of size. The Mavix M5 is the most affordable way to get a sleek, minimalist Gaming Chair with adjustable ergonomics.

  • Although it lacks the usual padding, the suspended mesh and faux-leather materials feel quite soft while providing a great degree of resilience;
  • Mavix offers a 12-year limited warranty on all its Chairs, which is impressive. A replacement and delivery guarantee for the first two years covers any defect. You do not find that with many Chairs.
  • You will not get any accessories with the Mavix M5 – there are no lumbar or head cushions. Adjustable lumbar support also exists here (you can remove the headrest).
  • The Mavix M5 does not have a lever Recline mechanism like most Gaming Chairs. You can easily Recline to 135 degrees as the seat and backrest tilt by pulling outwards on the height adjustment lever. This may seem a disadvantage to some, but it is not that significant or serious.

6. Homall Reclining Gaming Chair

The Homall Reclining Gaming Chair is not bad if you are going to lounge around with a gamepad and play something casual, but it will not suit everyone. A well-deserved sixth place.

  • Good upholstery material presented as skin-friendly PU leather;
  • Easy enough to assemble – you will only need a couple of minutes to put this sofa together following the instructions;
  • The Chair is, unfortunately, tiny indeed. It is not suitable for people over 6’0″. And weighing more than 200lbs;
  • The backrest of the Homall Reclining Gaming Chair is quite far away, even in the 90-degree position, so you will probably need to put a cushion or something to see the monitor.

7. Bossin Reclining Gaming Chair

Seventh place in our TOP. The Bossin Reclining Gaming Chair is a product with an extreme, bold design crafted by professionals. The Chair has a fully adjustable lumbar curve that can follow the contours of your back, bringing you maximum comfort. The Bossin Reclining Gaming Chair has a solid metal frame, making it a fundamental Chair. The cushions here are thick, so they will not sag even after several years of constant use. There is a footrest.

  • Easy to assemble – even one person can do it. It takes about 30 minutes to set up;
  • Bossin Reclining Gaming Chair is suitable for people over 6’0″;
  • Armrests are lined with the same material as the Chair, which is enough quality faux leather that they will not crack and break as usually happens with many armrests of other Recliners.
  • Despite the presence of a footrest here, it cannot be said to be reliable. On some Bossin Reclining Gaming Chair models, it can sag or even break.
  • The Tilt-back, sometimes, does not always lock in one position. This is a factory defect.
  • Because the cushions in the Bossin Reclining Gaming Chair are filled with a lot of filler, some may find them extremely stiff and uncomfortable.

8. Von Racer Massage Gaming Chair

Eighth place. The Von Racer Massage Gaming Chair is a really good product. This Chair (despite being designed for PC Gaming first and foremost) has a built-in massage function that will give you good relaxation after a long and challenging game. Almost all parts of this Chair are adjustable – that includes the backrest, seat, top and bottom cushion, armrests, and footrest. The upholstery is made of high-quality PU leather. The Chair can support a person weighing up to 250lbs, which of course, is not that much (when looked at in comparison to other Recliners).

  • The Von Racer Massage Gaming Chair has as many as four positions in which the backrest can be fixed when Reclining.
  • The Von Racer Massage Gaming Chair has been designed to provide the user with maximum comfort, so the Chair has a footrest and a comfortable backrest with a padded seat.
  • The Chair is suitable even for tall people – around 6’3″.
  • The material of the Von Racer Massage Gaming Chair is, unfortunately, a little breathable, so you are likely to sweat.

9. OFM ESS Collection Generation 2.0

Ninth place. The OFM ESS Collection Generation 2.0 is a racing-style Gaming Chair but, remarkably, without the bucket seat. This is important, as many Gaming Chairs in this style have one, severely restricting your freedom of finding the ideal position for your feet. The OFM ESS Collection Generation 2.0 seat is upholstered in textile and filled with thick, high-density foam – so the manufacturer aims to provide maximum comfort to the customer, coupled with durability.

  • Built-in, secure lumbar support pillow and neck pillow that can be fine-tuned to suit you;
  • An elaborate central Recline mechanism – you can Recline all 180 degrees on this Chair without the risk of falling over.
  • The OFM ESS Collection Generation 2.0 has no particularly interesting features or attachments. This is not a definite disadvantage, but apart from the soft armrests (which, by the way, extend in different directions), there is not much waiting for you here. There are no cushions either.

10. X Rocker Pro Series 2.1

Tenth and final place. Even though this armchair came in last place in today’s top spot – that does not mean it is bad. It is just that others were better, more comfortable, or more practical. The fully assembled X Rocker Pro Series 2.1 is an elegant and luxurious modern take on the Gaming Chair. If you are short of space, you can fold the Chair in half for convenient storage. Sitting in the X Rocker Pro Series 2.1 is like sitting in a state-of-the-art cinema Chair, with all that it entails. Not only does this Chair allow you to experience the depth of the gaming experience. You will not be distracted by anything else when you’re sitting in it, and the massagers built into the design make sure you get the most out of your gaming experience.

  • The X Rocker Pro Series 2.1 is the benchmark for a comfortable Chair. Breathable leather is used as the manufacturing material here, and it is very pleasant in terms of tactility;
  • Built-in massage function with multiple modes;
  • Rather outdated Bluetooth-based RCA technology;
  • The design is fragile enough that if handled carelessly or carelessly, it can easily break in some places (most often in the backrest area);
  • This Chair can be really difficult to assemble. Two people may be needed to ensure that everything runs smoothly – one to hold the base while the other to push the heavy components together, securing them in place simultaneously. The X Rocker Pro Series 2.1 assembly process typically takes approximately one hour.

Buying guide


Muscle tension can occur in the lumbar region when sitting for prolonged periods. The rocking mechanism allows the muscles to relax and rest – you can rock periodically in the Chair, and, as a result, the risk of back pain at the end of the working day is considerably reduced. This is why rocking is an important parameter when choosing a gaming Chair.

There are several types of rocking mechanisms designed for use in modern computer Chairs:

  • Top-Gun is the most popular and simplest type of mechanism. Allows you to adjust the height of the Chair, swing in it, fix the backrest in an upright position, and adjust the elasticity.
  • MultiFunction – apart from height adjustment, cushioning, and the possibility of rocking, this mechanism enables you to fix the angle of inclination of the Chair in several positions. You can quickly return the Chair back to its original position without any problems.
  • Synchro is an improved version of the MultiFunction Chair. An armchair with this mechanism can automatically Recline the seat according to the angle of inclination of the backrest. It can also be Reclined easily forward or sideways. The backrest continues to work as reliable support for the spine.

Obviously, the more infinitely adjustable the angle of Recline is, the better. Three fixed positions may not be enough. If you run the armchair under the desk during work and there are no adjustable armrests, they can bump against the tabletop during swiveling. In this case, calculate the permissible height of the seat and armrests in advance.


The comfort of a Gaming Chair is made up of many points: the seat, the upholstery material, the presence or absence of a head cushion and lumbar pillow, and, finally, the filling material.

A gaming Chair should be as anatomically designed as possible. It should maintain the natural body position in a seated format. This approach allows you to stay at your computer for a long time (6-8 hours, or even more) without signs of fatigue and dangerous health consequences.

The seat should be broad and soft enough, so the player’s loin does not feel discomfort. The center may be either concave or convex – it plays no particular role and is a matter of personal preference.

The backrest should follow the natural curves of the spine. This is the only way to achieve maximum comfort.


This is all individual. If your budget is unlimited, look out for Gaming Chairs from leading manufacturers. The best Gaming Chairs are made from genuine leather, and the filling is usually used latex.

If you are on a tight budget, consider Chairs made of synthetic leather and filled with foam. These are not the highest quality materials, but they are still on par. Expensive gaming Chairs usually cost as much as 500$ or way more.

The fancy stuff

The little things are a joy to the soul. Yes, even if they do not impact the process of using a particular Chair, they can still provide a great deal of enjoyment. The main ones, of course, are the various cushions (under the lower back and under the head), the footrests, and the colorfully-painted mats. All these things are not required, and the cushions are included in many gaming Chairs, but if your heart desires and the budget allows – why not get these accessories?

Materials to choose from

Regarding the upholstery material of the armchair, the most common material used by manufacturers in gaming armchairs:

  • Leather. Natural leather is pleasant to the touch, looks presentable, does not crack, is easy to care for, and is durable. It has natural ventilation pores. But of the disadvantages – a high price.
  • Suede. Features thinness, softness, resilience, and velvety feel. Resistant to water.
  • Eco-leather. It is embossed polyurethane applied on a woven (cotton) base. Durable, resistant to sunlight and abrasion. Ventilates better than recycled and artificial leather.
  • Artificial leather. A robust, inexpensive material that is easy to care for. Poorly ventilated, so staying in this Chair in the heat is not too comfortable.

Materials are arranged in descending order, from the most expensive and high quality to the most budget-friendly and grumpy. Choose according to budget and need.


When selecting any Gaming Chair, the size of the room must be taken into account. But this is something you will have to do yourself. Open the specification sheet for the Chair on the website, then measure the available space in your home. Make sure that the armrests will be at plus or minus the same level as your table.

Weight capacity

A comfortable Gaming Chair must be suitable for your weight. Each Chair has a load limit. When choosing it for yourself, remember that 25-40lbs should be left before the maximum value. Chairs designers also include dynamic loads such as tilting the backrest, jumping, putting your feet on the structure, etc. All this reduces the service life, and even a comfortable Gaming Chair will break if the weight of the user is roughly equal to or exceeds the specified permissible load.


The Gaming Chairs do not have any standard values. The height, width, and depth can vary. Height from 45 to 60, width from 20 to 30, depth from 20 to 30 – all in inches. Be sure to take into account the fact that we humans all have different body sizes: height and weight. Be sure to pay attention to the specifications when choosing a Gaming Chair. This is the only way to understand how ergonomic the Chair will be for you and whether it is suitable for you. The Chair should guarantee a natural inclination of the spine, and your muscles should not be strained when you sit or bend your body. For instance, you might be sitting at your PC with your hands on the keyboard – that would be one body position. And then, you will engage in console gaming by spreading out on the Gaming Chair and Reclining its back 180 degrees, which is an entirely different body position.

Additional features

The presence of additional features, on the other hand, is what best characterizes the Chair as a gaming product. In this type of product, you can find additional features such as, for example:

  • Footrest – allows you to stretch out and relax your legs. Resting or napping in such a Chair with unfolded backrest is very comfortable. But you should watch the position of your body because if you Recline the backrest by 180 degrees, there is an illusory chance of falling.
  • Supports and various pockets – we are talking about essentially anything here. It can be an adjustable keyboard stand, cupholders, and pockets for sundries like phones, notes, and trinkets.
  • Vibromassage is a fantastic feature available in some Recliner Chairs. It is usually present in products designed for console Gaming, as a Gaming Chair in front of a PC will be difficult to relax in. The vibration motor is built into the joint between the backrest and the seat, but some models may have more than one vibration point.
  • The RGB lighting is crystal clear. It can turn the Chair into a Christmas tree, making the design as colorful, vibrant, and perhaps even eye-catching as possible!
  • Cooling system – built-in fans will save the day on a hot summer day, but such an upgrade is, frankly, rare.
  • Built-in sound – in some models, you can find not just speakers but also a subwoofer.
  • Bluetooth – there are Chairs that have speakers installed. These work (most often) with RCA technology.
  • USB ports – these are installed in the Gaming Recliners to connect the controls. For example, a steering wheel with pedals for playing games (like racing ones, for example). Thanks to the built-in USB ports, the Chair can also be used to charge various gadgets if necessary.

Recline range

The Recline range varies with each Chair model. The backrest can Recline as much as 30 degrees or as much as 180-degree. Gaming Chairs usually have a 180-degree angle of Recline, which is considered the benchmark. You should choose the Chair based on this parameter if you are going to use it as a bed. Or as a place to rest. It is also worth mentioning that if you throw the Chair 180 degrees back and lie down on it with your whole body, you may fall because the center of gravity will be on the upper part of your body.


Having a footrest on the Gaming Chair is good. Of course, this construction can increase the overall weight of the entire Chair and even shift its balance to one side, but usually, manufacturers think of such things, and trouble is avoided. With the footrest, you can rest better between strenuous games. Or you can lie on the Chair as if it were a full-fledged bed, playing something relaxed on the gamepad, drinking sodas, and eating snacks.


Virtually all Gaming Chairs (if not all) come with a minimum three-year warranty. Always enquire about its duration and conditions before making a purchase, and this is usually detailed on the retailer’s or manufacturer’s website.

Gaming Chairs FAQs

What Gaming Chair do PRO Gamers use?

  • s1mple (CS:GO) – DXRacer OH/RF21/NY/NAVI;
  • N0tail (Dota 2) – Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Gaming Chair;
  • Puppey (Dota 2) – Team Secret x Secretlab Gaming Chair;
  • Tfue (Fortnite) – Maxnomic Commander S;
  • Shroud (retired professional CS:GO player, now streaming various games) – Maxnomic Cloud9 Pro.

How do you pick the most comfortable Gaming Recliner Chair?

Just follow our advice. You can also look at the top 10 models from the beginning of the article – we have studied and analyzed them all. This way, you will explore the best Reclining Gaming Chairs!

What is the difference between a Chair that Reclines and a Gaming Recliner?

Gaming Chairs differ from conventional Chairs in that they are designed specifically for gamers who sit at their PC for a very long time. Gaming Chairs feature remarkable ergonomics as well as a sporty design.

What are the materials used in Gaming Chairs?

The materials of construction can vary. They include leather, PU leather, recycled leather, eco-leather, mesh acrylic, fabric, and suede. There are plenty of options.

What is the most comfortable Gaming Chair?

The most comfortable Gaming Chair is the one you can tailor to your body size. Of course, the most comfortable Gaming Chair is also the one that has good ergonomics and is made from quality materials.

Are Recliners good for Gaming?

Quite. If you get tired while gameplaying, you can easily kick back in this Chair and relax so you can get back to playing with renewed vigor.

Are Gaming Chairs worth the money?

Both yes and no. The Gaming Chairs differ from their conventional counterparts in their particular ergonomics and sporty, bold design. If you are an avid gamer or streamer, this is your choice.

Are Gaming Chairs bad for your back?

No. Gaming Chairs are made to put as much strain on your back, tailbone, and lower back as possible. You will feel as comfortable as possible in these Chairs, even after long gaming sessions.

Are Gaming Chairs actually bad?

No. They are by no means bad, just specific, and would suit Gamers and streamers rather than office workers or ordinary people who do not spend much time on a PC. Therein lies the main difference. But hey, you still can purchase a Recliner and use it as an office Chair.

Does every Gaming Chair fit every body type?

No. You should read the Gaming Chair specification carefully before purchasing it. With a weight limit of 240lbs, there is no way the Chair can support a person who weighs more. The gas spring will simply burst, and the Chair will break immediately.


The perfect recliner for gaming should guarantee a comfortable experience during extended gameplay while also corresponding with your desired aesthetic.

Additionally, the recliner must fit in with your available space and budget-conscious lifestyle – that’s what it takes to be genuinely considered ‘the best.’

The Gaming Chair is a modern, interesting, cool solution that fits perfectly into many interiors. But it is not just because of the design that you should look into buying them, and they are also comfortable – all thanks to the anatomically shaped backrest. You can sit on the Recliners all day and not get too tired.

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