The best RPG games for PC

There are many unique and popular projects among role-playing games. This genre appeared in the 1970s. During its existence, it has undergone many changes. In this article, we will describe the best RPG games for the PC, their features and main features.

The top RPG of PC games

The RPG genre is notable for having a well-thought-out story and game world. Gamers can choose a character. The character is unique and has a name. He or she has special skills that you will need to improve. This genre of games has long earned a reputation as the most popular one. Those gamers who are looking for RPGs for PC games can do it themselves with our list.

Mass Effect

BioWare developers offer a global game. In Mass Effect, gamers can explore a vast world of different planets and missions. The unique features are the ease of management and the ability to choose from a large number of characters.

The main character is Commander Shepard. Along with his team, he will uncover the plot and eliminate the villains who have endangered life in our entire galaxy. Gamers will have to perform multiple missions and simultaneously develop the skills of their chosen character.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Those gamers who are looking for RPGs for PC games can read the list of the best ones that many gamers love. Horizon Zero Dawn holds a special place among them.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Originally, the game was developed for the PlayStation. In 2020, the personal computer version was created. Horizon Zero Dawn takes place in a post-apocalyptic future. The overpopulation of the land had led the Government to decide to build machines that operated on biofuels and imitated flora and fauna. As a result, humanity was on the verge of extinction. Humans were able to survive, but they returned to a primitive way of life. They are divided into tribes.

In the centre of history, there is a girl named Eloy. She explores the world around her. The girl was banished from the tribe and the author tells her story in the prologue of the game. Further, users can perform missions and explore the post-apocalyptic world. In Horizon Zero Dawn, they can manage the game with comfort and pleasure. Users have long loved this game because of its interesting tasks that improve character skills.

Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins has long been listed as one of the best RPG games for PC. The story takes place in the fabulous country of Ferelden. In Dragon Age: Origins, both multiplayer and single-mode can be activated. Players can choose a character and develop his or her skills. As the story becomes more complex, users can participate in large-scale battles. A single quest is one possibility for all gamers that have a running time of at least 60 hours.

Dragon Age: Origins is on the list of best role-playing games. This was made possible by its high-quality graphics and fascinating plot. Gamers can choose one of several characters. The player’s actions affect the future that is intended for his or her character. Dragon Age: Origins will not require many resources from your PC. Developers have released a version of the game for game consoles.

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