GoldenEye Vault is now closed.
October 6, 2018 1:33 pm | SubDrag
GoldenEye Vault is permanently closed and now shutdown. Thank you for your many years of support, enjoyment, fun, and hard work over the years. Although I have mostly retired from the scene, the flame lives on with others.

N64 Vault - The new wiki for game mods by Sixty Four, a successor to GoldenEye Vault hosting, run by the community.

N64 Tools Github by Jombo23, now maintaining the popular tools such as the N64 Sound Tool, N64 Midi Tool, and N64 Soundbank Tool.

GoldenEye Setup Editor 4.0 developed now by Carnivorous, maintaining THE tool for editing games.

GoldenEye Forever Forums are still the main hub for discussing GoldenEye and Perfect Dark hacking

DKR Central Forums for editing and working on the rest of the editor games.

Setup Editor Games Discord by SixtyFour, for help and talk about editing all the games the Setup Editor edits, such as DKR, etc.

Be seeing you.