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Activate Object TutorialPavariniAugust 1, 2017Activate Object Tutorial
N64 Midi Tool TutorialPunk7890July 22, 2016N64 Midi Tool V2a Tutorial
All New Levels [Updated and with PD]SubDragAugust 21, 2011How to make all new levels from scratch (Updated for Perfect Dark and new editor features).
Import New Sounds/Midis GE/PD TutorialSubDragDecember 25, 2009Importing tutorial for both GoldenEye (wave files) and Perfect Dark (mp3 files), and Midis.
Clipping TutorialSubDragAugust 21, 2009Tutorial on how to do clipping
Append GE BGFile TutorialSubDragAugust 15, 2009Tutorial on how to append to GE levels
Importing New Levels Video TutorialTimEhJuly 15, 2009Fantastic 4-part video tutorial on how to import all new levels, clip, use portals, add transparency from scratch using Hammer, XSI, Crafty, and the GE Setup Editor.
Guard Paths [French]CorrigoMay 12, 2009Guard paths tutorial in french.
Quick Start [French]CorrigoMay 12, 2009Quickstart tutorial in french.
[German] Quick Start tutorialDF Ank1December 25, 2008[GERMAN-LANGUAGE] Quick Start Tutorial
Halo Levels into GER.E.LizationSeptember 26, 2008Tutorial on how to convert Halo maps into GoldenEye.
How to Clip StairsWreckMarch 9, 2008A tutorial on how to clip stairs, especially if they don't in up exactly with the surfaces.
Hammer Editor TutorialSubDragFebruary 13, 2008Use the Hammer Editor Tutorial to create a level for GoldenEye
Project ModeSubDragJanuary 6, 2008New Project mode tutorial.
How to Apply an IPS PatchGE MasterDecember 19, 2007How to perform an ips patch so you can play all of the levels on here.
Simple Hostages TutorialDragonsbrethrenNovember 5, 2007Simple step-by-step tutorial on hostages in the action blocks.
Action Blocks How ToSubDragJuly 14, 2007So many action blocks tutorials in one, from how to move vehicles, play sounds, blow up objects, open doors, spawn guards, and many more.
Action Blocks IntroSubDragJuly 14, 2007A Intro Tutorial on how to use Action Blocks. Read this before the How To.
Solo to MultiplayerSubDragJuly 10, 2007A tutorial on how to turn a solo level into a multiplayer level.
Quick Start GuideSubDragJuly 10, 2007This should be your first resource.
Converting the ROMSubDragJuly 9, 2007This tutorial teaches you how to convert any level into the ROM, be it an ips patch or setup files.
Path Presets [Advanced]SubDragJuly 9, 2007If a level doesn't have path presets, follow this tutorial. All solo ones do by Tools -> Make Barebones, only multi or new ones need it.
Text FilesSubDragJuly 8, 2007This teaches you how to modify text in the game.
PresetsSubDragJuly 8, 2007All about presets, and what each is used for.
All New Levels [Advanced]SubDragJuly 8, 2007How to make all new levels from scratch (warning very advanced).
Multiplayer MapsSubDragJuly 8, 2007A tutorial on how to make multiplayer maps.
Guard PathsSubDragJuly 8, 2007How to use guard paths.

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GoldenEye Vault features a collection of fan-made, custom materials based on popular N64 games. We do not support, nor condone, the distribution of patches or ROMs for monetary gain of any kind. Our focus is to freely showcase the work of various authors, in an attempt to extend both the life and fun of such classic titles.