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GoldenEye Vault is now closed.
September 15, 2018 4:23 pm | SubDrag
I want to thank everyone for the 10+ years of support to the web site, where we saw the site grow, from literally a text-based "Setup Editor" with no visual interface only usable by a select few and very amateur GoldenEye levels, to a very powerful editor and expertly crafted levels, across not just one game, but seven games! Over the course of that time, I have collaborated with many individuals, had many very difficult and seemingly unsurmountable trials we overcame and glorious triumphs, and learned a huge array of technical skills by both experience and from others, by working so many late nights and long days and thousands upon thousands of hours with many of you. We made the GoldenEye Setup Editor an enormously powerful and comprehensive tool, and the web site a spectacular vault of quality levels and mods. What a journey it has been. The site goes out on a high, with some of the best levels coming recently and the levels getting better every single time. Pretty much every level in the last year was worthy of the "Featured" title, that's how high the bar has been raised.

Unfortunately, it is time for me to step aside as the lynch-pin of N64 Modding and let others carry the torch. Over the last couple years, the joy of updating the web site and editor became lesser and lesser and more and more time consuming until it finally became too grueling and all my energy and passion for it was sapped almost completely. I couldn't even fathom trying to play the very fantastic levels I was posting; I was massively overwhelmed. The burden of many quality levels and bugs and enhancements requested for the editor due to increased interest and more games supported, it became too much for one man, to the point where I had to make the difficult decision that I had been thinking about for over a year to shut down. I am passing the torch on to the next set of individuals to carry forward what we have all started here. I will still be around, and should now have much more time to finally play and see the beauty of everyone's new creations, but I won't be at the forefront. I just hope that shutting down the site will not discourage anyone from pursuing their dreams of GoldenEye and N64 modding and instead I hope I have inspired many people to pursue this hobby. The positive feedback and outpouring of support from those have said how much their lives have been enriched by the web site and our time working together over the years will stay with me. Who knows, despite my semi-retirement, I might pop in in the future with something magical, when the N64 bug hits again, start something, and go back the sidelines.

I have way too many people to thank that I'm not going to try and make a massive list of names of people to thank here, due to the fear of missing someone's name. But you should all know that I am deeply appreciative of the help and collaborations over the years. I do want to explicitly thank Wreck and Zoinkity though, who have been there since the beginning, literally 20 years of immensely rewarding collaboration, from even before when the GoldenEye Setup Editor and GoldenEye Vault were a glimmer in our eyes (and there will still be future collaboration between us). I'm not gone, and I will be around, but I have to take a backseat here.

Once the torch has been passed, this site will be cleared, and everyone can go forth with the new torchbearers. Everything is still out there, and will be carried forward by others primarily, instead of myself. The Wayback Machine has good copies of the web site, in case anyone wants to relive the GoldenEye Vault days. I'll update this post with links to where to go for GoldenEye Modding once it has been done. For now, the modding forums for GoldenEye and DKR are still very active.

I'm going to take a long, long break, play a lot of games and catch up on the last 10 years...then pursue some new passions (and maybe some old ones too). Thank you everyone for supporting GoldenEye Vault. See you...out there!


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